“Lost, lost, lost, lost.” Will Ryu Hyun-jin break and achieve consecutive wins

Monster Ryu Hyun-jin (37, Hanwha Eagles) will try to win his first consecutive game since returning to Korea.

Ryu will take the mound as the starting pitcher at the match against the SSG Landers of the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” to be held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Saturday afternoon. It is his 11th appearance this year.먹튀검증

In his previous appearance, Ryu garnered his third win of the season by pitching a stable pitch. Ryu pitched five innings against the Samsung Lions on Wednesday, striking out four, allowing three hits and walking one. It was Ryu’s second scoreless game this season, and Hanwha won 12-2.

Ryu aims to gain momentum and secure his first consecutive win of this season. So far, he has been slow in winning games. Ryu has played in 10 games repeatedly, winning and losing games, and posting three wins and four losses.

In particular, Ryu’s ups and downs can be seen at a glance when looking at his ERA. In the three games he became the winning pitcher, he only had one earned run, leading the game to victory on his own. In the three games, he had an ERA of 0.53.

However, he showed poor performance in the four losing games with a total of 21 earned runs. His earned run average (ERA) in the losing games is about 10.50 days.

In the early days of the season, Ryu had to adjust to the domestic league and build physical fitness after returning to the Korean pro baseball league after 12 years. As the Major League free agent market progressed slowly after the end of the 2023 season, the timing of Ryu’s return to Hanwha was delayed. He didn’t have enough time to improve his condition.

Moreover, the opening of the KBO League regular season was a week earlier than last year. The team also needed time to adapt to the automated pitching judgment system (ABS), which was introduced for the first time this year.

However, it is already halfway through the season. Each team played around 50 games out of 144 games. This means that it is time for Ryu to display stable performance as expected.

Given the current situation at the Hanwha Eagles, Ryu`s performance is all the more urgent. The Hanwha Eagles rank eighth with 20 wins, 29 losses, and one draw this season with a winning percentage of .48 percent. Up until March, the Eagles had won consecutive games to rank No. 1 in the league at one point, but is now struggling at the bottom of the league in less than two months.

Will he be able to take an upturn starting from this game? SSG remains as a good memory for Ryu. At a home game against SSG on June 30, Ryu achieved his 100th career win in the KBO league. At the time, Ryu pitched 103 pitches during six innings, allowing seven hits, two walks, one strikeout, and two runs (one earned run).

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