NC’s right-hander Young-gun, who bravely threw the ball in his debut game, will he help the Dinosaur Corps’ bullpen, which is in crisis due to “May ERA 6.04+ Lee Yong-chan’s departure”

Can right-hander Young-gun Choi Woo-seok help the NC Dinos bullpen in crisis.

NCs bullpen pitcher lineup is facing a clear crisis recently. While Kim Young-kyu (2-1, 6 holds 5.28 ERA) and Ryu Jin-wook (1 wins, 5 holds 5.14 ERA) have slowed down, new players Kim Jae-yeol (1-1, 7 holds 1.90 ERA) and Han Jae-seung (one loss, 5 holds 2.38 ERA) are showing signs of strength these days. NCs bullpen pitcher lineup recorded 6.04 ERA in May.메이저사이트

On top of that, Lee Yong-chan, the starting pitcher and closing pitcher, was also excluded from the entry of the first team on Tuesday. NC manager Kang In-kwon said, “(Lee) has a bad left knee. He also has some symptoms of sprained knee. He needs rest because he has high levels of shoulder and elbow fatigue.”

Lee Yong-chan, who joined the pro league in 2007, is a veteran player who played 500 games (998.1 innings) until last year and posted 61 wins, 60 losses, 157 saves, seven holds and an ERA of 3.72. However, he has been slowing down a bit recently. Although he had two wins, four losses, 10 saves and a hold-one-hold ERA of 2.67, he has been struggling since May.

NC, which plans to block Lee’s empty spot with a collective finishing system for the time being, called Choi up on the first team on the same day. Choi, who hails from East Incheon Middle School and Bibong High School, is a right-handed pitcher whose strength is fast ball and constant change-up. He was drafted by NC as the 45th pick in the fifth round in 2024, and entered the pro league.

At that time, NC’s scouting team judged that Choi Woo-seok’s pitch delivery was flexible and without fuss. In addition, he believed that there would be more speed and speed with excellent physical and flexibility along with sincere work style.

Choi stood out in the professional league as well. Despite being a rookie this year, he consistently played as a setup man in the Futures League (second division). He also showed excellent performance with one win, one loss and four holds an ERA of 1.17 out of 15 games (15.1 innings). In recognition of his performance, Choi was named the Futures MVP of April by the team along with Shin Young-woo and Kim Bum-joon.

And finally, Choi was called to join the main league team. “He is the rookie of the year. He has continued to perform well as a setup man in the Futures League. He has the speed around late 140 kilometers, and throws sliders and changeups. He also has high speed of rotation on fastballs, which is another advantage,” he said. “He has shown stable performance in ball control as well.”

The debut match of the main league team came sooner than expected. Manager Kang In-kwon called Choi Woo-suk to the mound in the bottom of the seventh inning when NC was lagging far behind 3-10 in the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil on Monday.

Of course, he was not as perfect as a rookie. In the bottom of the fourth inning, Park Dong-won, the leadoff hitter who had a two-run shot, hit a solo shot over the left wall with a flying distance of 115 meters while hitting a fastball with five pitches. Although the launch angle was low at 18.5 degrees, it was unlikely to be a home run, the ball flew slightly over the fence.

However, he remained calm. He used a 149km fastball to strike out Moon after a seven-pitch game. Oh Ji-hwan tied the ball to the first base with a ground ball, and Koo struck out swinging at the end of the seven-pitch game.

The final result was one hit, one home run, two strikeouts and one run in one inning. Unfortunately, he did not avoid losing a point, but his bravery stood out. Heavy fastballs seemed to work in the first division, and most of the balls were formed near the strike zone. In other words, there was no meaningless flying ball.

NC, which had been cruising with 20 wins and 11 losses until April, is now slowing down to seven wins, one draw and 11 losses in May. One of the main reasons is the sluggish bullpen session. If Choi shows signs of potential in his debut game, NC will have the momentum to go up once again. Attention is focusing on whether Choi will be able to help the shaky NC bullpen session.

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