The director of the 88th grade will face off…Will the Busan High School ‘Refit’ challenge continue, or will the convention high school gust be stronger

Busan High School, which won the Golden Lion title last year, will advance to the quarterfinals again this year and seek the top prize for the second consecutive year. Seoul Convention High School aims to achieve its best result since its foundation in 2020 by advancing to the semifinals for the first time.

Busan High School and Seoul Convention High School will have a quarterfinal match at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul at 10 a.m. on Saturday, the 78th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and the Battle of the King of the Weekend League. With Daegu Sangwon High School and Gangneung High School confirming their advance to the semifinals on Sunday, the third semifinal team will be decided here. Busan High School is on a roll this year as the winner of last year’s championship, while Seoul Convention High School will advance to the quarterfinals for the first time in 2021. The match will be broadcast live on SPOTV.메이저사이트

Busan High School coach Park Kye-won and Seoul Convention High School coach Yoo Young-won have no experience playing in the same school or team. Born in 1969, Yoo Young-won and Park Kye-won was a fast-paced 70-year-old, and the two were in 1988 when they both entered the same school. Based on their relationship, they became close friends with each other even during their leadership careers. This time, they met at the “Monkey Bridge” where they are expected to advance to the semifinals. Since the Seoul Convention High School was established in 2020, the team has a short history, and this is the first time to play against Busan High School.

“Seoul Convention High School is not a team with a long history, but Coach Yoo Young-won has made it a strong team from the beginning. The school has produced many good players. It won the weekend league, and it is definitely not an easy match for players to watch. I will concentrate on the game just like other teams.”

Busan High School boasts a stellar record of winning 14 national championships and winning the title for the last two consecutive years (2022, 2023, the Golden Lion), but Kim Jung-yeop, who threw 97 pitches in six innings in the round of 16 against Sebo-dong on Sunday, cannot take the mound due to the restriction on the number of pitches, and cannot be sure of Cheon Gyeom, who was selected as the ace and the “High School and College Baseball All-Star.” Still, coach Park Kye-won showed confidence in his thick lineup of players, which is Busan High School’s strength.

“As you know, our school is a prestigious baseball club that boasts history and tradition,” coach Park Kye-won, also a graduate of Busan High School, said. “There was a slump for a while, but after I took office, I started to revive. There has been a baseball boom between the school and the alumni. When this opportunity comes, I will try to win the title for the second time in a row.”

“Since Coach Park Kye-won took charge of Busan High School, many good players have advanced to the team. He is such a good person that I think many good friends went there,” Yoo Young-won said. “I think we need to block the batters and give less points to win,” while bragging about his friend’s attack ability.

“We are a well-united team. I try to communicate with them and the players take good care of me. I want to make it to the semifinals once in the atmosphere. I made it to the round of 16 in my first year and to the quarterfinals in my second year. I want to achieve my best performance this year,” he said. “I want to repay the school and director Yoo Seung-hyun for helping me found the baseball team.”

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