“The time has come to make a difference” Warning of a crash crisis for the first five consecutive losses, what message has the coach delivered?

Strangely offbeat, the Korean economy has suffered a five-game losing streak. Is it a sign of falling or a step backward to rebound.토토사이트

SSG Landers lost the match against the Hanwha Eagles 5-7 at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 24th. Starting pitcher Drew Anderson lost six runs in four innings as he struggled with homers, and SSG, which lost its initial lead, lost the chance to turn the tables, and fell into a swamp of five consecutive losses.

The losing streak, which began against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 19th, has already increased to five consecutive losses. It was swept by Doosan in three consecutive away games in Jamsil during the week, and started by giving up the first three consecutive games against Hanwha on the weekend. It is a crisis that comes when any team plays a game. It is difficult to play the game because the starters are creaking, but the batters are in a bad state overall.

As of Tuesday, SSG’s team ranking is sixth. It is 4.5 games behind Kia, which ranks first, and two games behind LG, which ranks fifth. Although KT, which ranks seventh, is not closely trailing KT by three games, its ranking, which had been in third to fourth place in the early days of the season, has been pushed to sixth place as other teams have been lagging behind.

Coach Lee Soo-yong went to the stadium after a three-game sweep of Doosan Bears, shaved and got a haircut. “Players try to do farm fashion and do something when it’s bad, but the coach has nothing to do,” he laughed, but his will to renew his commitment was revealed.

Lee has lost for the first time in a row since his inauguration as a new coach. Lee, who had emphasized “autonomy” and “responsibility” since his inauguration, has declared a change from the moment he has exceeded 50 games.

“Now, I plan to make changes little by little. Coaches know that a coach moves with certain intentions during a game, but there are cases in which players are not able to catch yet. That is a very important part. I think players should know what to do if it is the situation that occurs during a game or the message through the use of a player, but I think we are still in the process of getting to know,” Lee said.

SSG has a lot of veteran players, but on the contrary, it also has a clear task for generational change. While actively hiring young players, they agonize over the slower-than-expected growth rate, and eventually, they have no choice but to lean on veterans again.

“I try to watch and hit the ball until the end with too much accuracy (in the case of hitting). The situation of fear of failure is repeated. There seems to be a fear of the result. This should be resolved by the players being more active. Through the coach meeting today (24th), I plan to give a message to the players to be more active. There are cases in which players unexpectedly do not know the parts that they thought they would know the basics. I think I need to inject more into the players. It seems like nothing, but not only the batters but also the pitchers are also lacking in some areas,” he said.

More than anything else, the coach himself said he would make changes. This means that he would make faster choices for the tempo and operation of pitchers. SSG, which won the title of “wire to wire” just two years ago, is facing its first critical crisis this season. Now is the time for effective changes.

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