“High School Choi Dongwon Award” It wasn’t a coincidence. “Possible” presented by Kim Jin-wook…Lotte Mound’s Future, Not Very Dark

Kim Jin-wook, the “promising star” of the Lotte Giants, displayed the most competitive pitching among the five starting candidates in his first appearance this season. It was a moment to confirm that Lotte’s future was not dark.먹튀검증

Kim Jin-wook started the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Game 5 home showdown at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Saturday, and recorded 68 pitches, five hits, one walk, five strikeouts, and three runs (three earned) during four ⅓ innings. Although he failed to reach victory, he displayed impressive pitching. His maximum speed was 146 kilometers.

Kim Jin-wook was drafted by Lotte as the first overall pick in the first round of the second round of the rookie draft in 2021. Kim Jin-wook, who showed off his extraordinary talent to the point where he won the “High School Choi Dong-won Award,” was very sluggish in his first season as a starter with three losses and a 10.80 ERA in five games, but after switching to the bullpen, he pitched in 34 games and marked a remarkable improvement with a 3.29 ERA in four wins, three losses and eight holds. It was a season where he experienced both success and failure.

Kim Jin-wook prepared for this season as a starting pitcher again the following year, and displayed his best pitching performance by allowing one run (one earned run) by striking out 10 times during seven innings against the NC Dinos, his first appearance, and seemed to be in full bloom with his “special talent.” However, the good trend did not last long and he only recorded 2-5 loss with a 6.36 ERA in 14 games. And last year was a very disappointing season for Kim.

Kim Jin-wook continued his stellar performance in 10 games during the month of April with one win and three holds “zero” ERA, and in 14 games in May with one win, one loss, two holds and a 3.38 ERA. Perhaps he looks better in a bullpen session than a starter. However, his performance started to deteriorate sharply in June, and he could not rebound until the end of the season. As a result, Kim finished his third season with 2-1 loss and eight holds with a 6.44 ERA in 50 games last year. Kim Jin-wook also expressed deep regret over not being able to continue his good performance in the early days of last year at the spring camp in Guam.

Kim Jin-wook, who wore a Lotte uniform in hopes of continuing the genealogy of left-hander Aces that led to Joo Hyung-kwang and Jang Won-jun, but performed better as a bullpen pitcher than a starter. However, Lotte prepared for the season as a starter again this year as it had planned to use Kim Jin-wook as a starter since the nomination of him. And he pitched in seven games in the second division, and had a very good record of 1-1 loss and 2.97 ERA, and Kim Tae-hyung expressed his intention to give Kim Jin-wook a chance following Hong Min-ki, the second round first round, in 2020, and Lee Min-seok, the first round, in 2022.

Kim Jin-wook, who had an impressive performance in the second division, and stood on the mound in the first division as a starting pitcher for the first time in a long time, had a better-than-expected pitch early in the game. Kim Jin-wook started the game by tying Koo Ja-wook with a fly ball to center field from the start of the first inning, and started the “three-way exit” by dealing with both Lee Sung-kyu and David McKinnon. And in the second inning with strong support from the batters, he struck out Kim Young-woong with a 124km curve, grounded Ryu Ji-hyuk to the second base, and used a 143km fastball with Lee Jae-hyun with a winning shot after a seven-pitch game to seal the inning.

He also overcame the crisis of losing his first run. Kim Jin-wook got his first hit of the day by Kang Min-ho with one out and no runner in the third inning. However, he steadfastly caught the follow-up batter, Kim Hyun-joon, with a fly ball to center field, and gave up a hit to Koo Ja-wook, who was on the verge of first and third bases. Kim Jin-wook overcame the crisis by striking out Lee Seong-gyu with a fastball of 144 kilometers, and Kim Jin-wook took the mound again in the fourth inning to tie McKinnon to left field, Kim Young-woong to strike out, and Ryu Jin-hyuk to second base.

Kim Jin-wook pitched smoothly through the fourth inning. Therefore, the result of the fifth inning was quite disappointing. Kim Jin-wook, who was driven to the first and third bases by getting a hit by leadoff hitter Lee Jae-hyun, and then by follow-up hitter Oh Jae-il, gave up a walk to Kang Min-ho, creating a crisis with no outs. At the time, Kim Jin-wook pitched a 131-km slider against Kim Hyun-joon, and struck out three pitches, taking a breather. Now, if he induces a double play, he can tie the inning. However, Koo Ja-wook hit a 126km slider for the third pitch, and the ball landed in front of the right fielder, resulting in a timely two-run shot.

In response, Lotte took out the “replacement” card with Kim Jin-wook only one out count remaining until the requirement for victory. Still, the Lotte bench’s judgment was successful. Han Hyun-hee, who took the mound following Kim Jin-wook, caused a crisis of full base again when he gave up a hit ball to the first batter, Kim Ji-chan, but after exchanging a point with McKinnon’s out count, he turned Kim Young-woong to a fly ball to left field, and Kim Jin-wook’s first start of the season ended with three runs (three earned) in four ⅔ innings.

Currently, head coach Kim Tae-hyung is expected to become more competitive with Lotte’s fifth starter as he has shown his potential by throwing a fastball of up to 154km on the 19th, Lee Min-seok who pitched hard with two runs (two earned runs) in three ⅓ innings against the Samsung Lions on the 24th, but Hong Min-ki, who allowed two runs (two earned runs) in two ⅔ in his first start against the LG Twins on the 12th, and Lee In-bok and Kim Jin-wook, who previously played the role of fifth starter, are currently considered candidates for fifth starter. As Kim Jin-wook showed his potential by pitching well, Lotte’s competition for fifth starter is expected to intensify. Which will secure the fifth starting position.

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