Moon Bok-kyung escapes from the worst slump with a better defense than the one that even the enemy commander admired

A single defense changes not only the flow of the game but also the result. A case in point is the stellar defense of LG’s second baseman Moon Bo-kyung for two consecutive days. After blocking the opponent team’s hit that could raise an RBI in the top of the first inning on the previous day, he ended the inning with a double play on the same day as well. Although Moon had an unexpectedly long batting slump and made defense mistakes, he is now rebounding.

The opposing coach first complimented the team. Ahead of the match against LG in Jamsil on Saturday, NC manager Kang In-kwon recalled Moon Bo-kyung’s defense with runners on first and second bases with no outs in the first inning of the previous day’s game. “We should have scored more in the first inning. If Moon did not dive and catch the ball, we could have scored three points. On the contrary, this is why LG is considered a strong team.”

At the time, Moon balked and blocked a strong ball that was formed inside Kwon Hee-dong’s left foul line. Had the ball been missing, it could have been a two-run double, which Moon balked at for a single. With the bases loaded with no outs, NC picked up the first run thanks to Matt Davidson’s sacrifice fly, but only scored one run in the top of the first inning. LG scored four runs in the bottom of the first inning, and the previous day’s game ended with an 11-4 LG win.토토사이트

The game was similar on the day. NC picked the first run, but LG scored five points in the bottom of the second inning to lead the mood. Park seemed to seal the lead with a three-run shot in the bottom of the fifth inning, but NC chased after him again in the top of the sixth inning. Choi Jeong-won’s timely two-run hit was successful, and the team continued its offensive with runners at the first and second bases with one out.

However, Moon again caught Park Kun-woo’s strongly bound ball. He not only caught it, but also made five to four to three double plays. It was difficult from the start of the port, and although he made dynamic plays in the process of throwing the ball at the moment of the port, he threw the ball quickly and accurately to the second base. He was one of the best defense players based on Moon who consistently displayed outstanding defense. Moon displayed even greater defense in just one day than the defense that the head coach admired. LG beat NC 10-6 to lead a three-game winning streak.

“Honestly, my body just reacted. I tried to make it fast because it was best to make a double play,” Moon said after the game. “I don’t think I’m going to be the best among my defenses. Still, I think I’ll be among the best. Rather than me capturing the ball, I just allowed the ball to enter the defense this time.”

Due to stellar defense and multiple hits on the previous day. He got on base twice with one hit and two walks on the day, contributing to his team in both offense and defense. However, it was dreadful before the game. From the game against NC in Changwon on the 2nd to the game against Kiwoom in Jamsil on the 14th, he had no hit in 10 consecutive games. He had a hit in the next game, but the tide went down again. He had a batting average of 0.071.42 times at bat from May 2 to May 23, falling into silence that he had never experienced before.

He did everything he could. In every home game, he visited the baseball stadium first and took special hits. “It is natural to take special hits. If every player makes a big hit, all players will get special hits,” Moon Bo-kyung said, looking back coolly. “I think it was a matter of mental health. To be honest, I am a batter who just watches and hits the ball without thinking. As the result didn’t come out, I was in a hurry and just tried to hit the ball. I usually hit the batter without thinking, but I couldn’t believe it when I thought about it,” he recalled of his long slump for the first time.

“I kept training and suddenly felt good in Suwon last week. I am not a batter who hits the ball hard, but a batter who spins it rhythmically and hits it as if it is caught in the trajectory. I couldn’t keep feeling that way, but suddenly I came from Suwon. I thought I got better from then on.”

In fact, Moon Bo-kyung told manager Yeom Kyung-yeop before the match against KT in Suwon on the 19th, “I think I have (feeling) now.” Coach Yeom excluded Moon Bo-kyung from the lineup out of consideration, but he predicted that he would start from the next game.

The problem was, however, that the defense faced a series of difficult situations ahead of the rebound in hitting. In Daejeon, the disappointing defense led to the opponent team’s score. “I made up for it twice in defense. Still, I recovered yesterday and today,” Moon said. “Since it’s 2 to 2, I think we’re in the middle now.” Coach Kim Il-kyung stressed that we need to separate defense from offense since last year. I have always decided to focus more on defense even if I don’t get a hit, but I don’t think that’s what happened this time.”

Lastly, Moon cited his teammates as the secret to his recovery. “First of all, I get a lot of points early in the game. As I got points from the beginning of the game, the mood improves and I feel more relaxed in playing. I think I came here because I had enough time to enjoy good performance today,” Moon said. “Even if I can’t do well, my team just needs to win,” stressing “Team first.”

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