“One more inning, please.” Will there be a ‘spread pocket’ of rebounding from a 155km foreign fire bowler’s plea

Drew Anderson (30, SSG), who signed with the SSG as a substitute for Robert Duggar who was kicked out early in the midst of extreme slump, had a rough day by allowing six runs during four innings in a game against the Hanwha Eagles at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Monday. It was a game that showed that adapting to the KBO league is not easy yet.

Anderson played as a bullpen in the U.S. this season. He did not build up the team as a starter. After coming to Korea, he is ramping up the number of players as a starter again. It is not an easy process. Despite this, his previous performance in the game was not very bad. He allowed no runs in three innings in the match against KIA in Gwangju on Tuesday, and one run in three innings in the match against Kiwoom in Gocheok on Wednesday last week. The key was to just pitch forward, and adapt himself to the culture of the official ball and the KBO league as a whole.

He hoped to improve, but at the match against Hanwha on Monday, he had eight hits in four innings even though he took the mound for the first time in a week, and allowed two home runs on top of that, making his Incheon debut in a challenging manner. If it were not for Incheon, some balls would not fall, but this was something that a pitcher should accept as his home ground. There was one interesting part, however. He struck out nine on the day.

It was a bizarre day because he had eight hits, struck out nine and walked one. He said he got hit when he got hit, and grabbed when he got hit, but his pitching pattern was also problematic. In the beginning of the game, he focused too much on fastballs. Hanwha hitters definitely beat Anderson when they were hurt, but when they were aiming for the fastballs, they beat him. It was a day for Anderson to have a lot of thoughts in his own way. Of course, the SSG bench did the same.

Anderson’s fastball is certainly powerful. This is the case from the speed limit. Anderson’s best four-seam fastball speed was already 155 kilometers per hour. The average four-seam speed limit of the past two games, when he threw quite a lot of balls as a starter, reached 152.7 kilometers. There is nothing to blame for this speed limit. However, it is not even a four-seam at the level of a “stick.” The release point is not high, but the vertical movement is also quite good. On top of that, it also has a syncretic movement that bends slightly to the outside of the left-handed batter when it is in good condition.

However, you can’t overconfident with your fastballs. Batters in the KBO League are also capable of hitting balls over 150 kilometers in total. Anderson probably felt this throughout the day. Ahead of the match against Hanwha in Incheon on Saturday, SSG coach Lee Soo-yong said, “I was watching with my coach Bae Young-soo yesterday when he said, ‘I shouldn’t just keep throwing fastballs,’ but he got a bang. I mixed a bit of breaking balls from the third and fourth innings.” The loss is attributable to the fact that the team focused too much on fastballs.메이저사이트

He is not a pitcher who can’t throw breaking balls. He has sliders, curves, and throws changeups. Still, he is not used to the ball, Lee explained. “The ball is a little small. I heard that the fastball is okay, but the breaking ball keeps coming out of my hand,” Lee said. Those are presumed to have been harmful in terms of confidence.

However, Anderson seemed to have felt anything, and from the third inning onwards, he displayed better pitching performance by mixing breaking balls. Even though he already had more pitches by throwing 84 pitches through the fourth inning, he adamantly told the coaching staff that he would throw one more inning. “Yesterday, I heard that he got the hang of it (on the breaking ball) while setting the target. As I got the hang of it at the end, I stopped him from throwing another inning,” Lee said.

Lee said there were about three things that needed to be supplemented when Anderson took the mound for the first time. However, he hoped that the player would feel and accept rather than try to inject more force into the ball. Now is the time to untangle the pressure. SSG is moving, too. “I think the next game will be okay. Now I feel like I can’t just use my fastball, but if I increase the utilization of breaking balls, I think I’m competitive enough,” Lee stressed. “I called Coach Bae Young-soo and asked him to give me feedback now. From the fourth inning or so, he got the hang of it. He instilled it again before the next game and told me to change the pattern from the moment I enter the game,” he said, hoping that Anderson would show his true self. SSG has brought him in by next year. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to draw a clue as he can now handle more than 80 pitches.

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