All-in on defense and on base, second news… Mature 300 leadoff shortstop “I want to give my wife the championship ring”

Park Chan-ho (28), the starting shortstop of the KIA Tigers, is displaying the dignity of a batting average of 0.300 in batting as well. After the season’s opening, he suffered a slumping hit until April, but recovered his hot hit in May to recover his batting average of 0.300 before long. He is playing as a pillar to lead the team through defense and baserunning. He has grown into a mature hitter who cares more about getting on base.메이저사이트

At the 2024 professional baseball game against the Doosan Bears in Gwangju on Wednesday last week, Ryu cut a hole in his head. He swung Doosan Raul Alcantara’s fastball over the left fence in the bottom of the second inning with his team leading 3-0. It was a home run to win 5-0. It was his last hit of the season. He ended his streak of zero homers, and his team won the Winning Series in a good mood.

“I feel a bit relaxed. I feel completely different from when I hit 0 and 1. I’m not a batter who hits many home runs, but I still think I should not hit 0. I feel more comfortable going to the batter’s box. I only thought about one fastball, and luckily I got the ball to hit a home run. I got the ball to the point where I could hit a home run,” Park said.

He was absent once due to waist injury right after the season opened, and had a batting average of 255 percent through April. However, he recorded 37 percent in May, recording .38 percent as of Tuesday, when his performance surged. He is displaying robust performance as a leadoff. He ranks fourth in May’s batting average and boasts an on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) of 0.896. His on-base percentage is .402 percent.

“My batting has been bad since the beginning of the game. I got better after returning from injury, but I was so unlucky. I had a lot of hitters and good hits, but all of them went straight to the fielders. As it lasted for more than two weeks, I wandered a bit. The same result came out every time, which was tough. I was also shaken up. However, I started to feel refreshed and confident from the beginning,” he said with a smile.

Park Chan-ho is an irreplaceable core force for Kia, which ranks first. He is in charge of offense and defense as its main shortstop and lead-off. He values defense and getting on base the most. Manager Lee Bum-ho even complimented the team by saying, “Unlike before, I try to play with precision and live a life. I have matured a lot in playing for my team.”

Park Chan-ho said, “I feel proud of being No. 1. I think the most important thing in defense is that I stand firmly in the center. I am focusing a lot on defense. I am confident that my defense will not falter. To win the team title, I need to do well in both offense and defense. I am not a batter who hits home runs and long hits. The most important thing is getting on base.”

Lastly, he expressed his sense of responsibility as the head of the household. “I need to take good care of my physical strength, but I am eating well at home. I am always grateful and sorry that my wife has a second child and always tries to do everything for me. I also feel a lot of responsibility. It is the power to do well. I feel like I am becoming more mature as a human being. I really want to give my ring to him,” he said, expressing his willingness to express gratitude through his victory.

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