Oh Ji-hwan’s heartwarming heart-warming message for Kelly and Kim Jin-sung

Oh Ji-hwan showed his passion for lifting the knee to maintain the wet mound.

The LG Twins ranked third by winning four consecutive games. At a home game against the NC Dinosaurs held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on Sunday, the team won the game 6-3. At the bottom of the fifth inning when Park was losing 2-3, he hit a come-from-behind three-run triple with one out and the bases loaded, and Austin drove in Park with a double that penetrated the right-center field to make it 6-3.

Starting pitcher Kelly won his second game of the season after taking the mound for the 11th time in this season. Kelly became the winning pitcher with 98 pitches during six innings, allowing five hits and three runs.먹튀검증

The game began at 2:40, delayed by about 40 minutes due to rain 10 minutes before the start of the game. The rain, which seemed to stop after the start of the game, continued throughout the game, repeating that it got thicker and thinner.

Pitcher was the most painful position due to continuous rain. Pitcher had to keep throwing the ball on the mound, but the wet soil stuck to the bottom of the spike and didn’t come off. While pitching in the top of the sixth inning, Kelly had to ask the umpire for time and scrape the dirt off the spike himself.

Kelly scratching and removing dirt from the bottom of the spike

Oh Ji-hwan, who approached Kelly cleaning up the spike, lifted the board next to the mound
The board scraping the spike next to the mound was useless due to the wet soil sticking to it. Oh Ji-hwan, who watched Kelly scrape the spike by hand, lifted the board and wiped the soil off the mound to help clean up, while Kelly, who completed maintenance of the spike and mound with the help of Oh, thanked him and continued pitching.

Oh Jihwan holding the knuckles that the bat boy was holding in his hand
Kim Jin-sung took over the mound after Kelly ahead of defense in the top of the eighth inning. With the rain continuing throughout the game, the mound seemed to have gotten worse. Kim Jin-sung, who was trying to throw practice, stopped pitching and asked for a mound maintenance.

Oh Ji-hwan, who was in a hurry due to the sudden situation, appeared. It seemed that he took what the bat boy was carrying. Oh Ji-hwan, who took off his gloves and held the hook in his hand, made a gesture as if he was going to maintain it himself, but pitching coach Kim Kyung-tae, who was on the mound, quickly handed over Oh Ji-hwan’s hook and proceeded to clean up the mound.

It was a scene in which Oh Ji-hwan’s care for pitchers struggling on a wet mound stood out.

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