“Restoring trust in the command tower.” Kim Jin-wook and Na Gyun are not swayed by Lotte’s starters

Lotte Giants had 11 wins, one draw and seven losses (0.611 win rate) in 19 games in May. His win rate increased significantly from the 30 games (0.276 wins, one draw and 21 losses) he played through April. Young hitters in their early and mid-20s, including Hwang Sung-bin, Yoon Dong-hee, and Na Seung-yeop, displayed good batting performance. In all four games in which Charlie Barnes, Aaron Wilkerson, and Park Se-woong, the first and third starters, they all scored two points to an ERA.안전놀이터

Currently, Lotte is agonizing over the April 5 starting pitcher lineup, which is being handled by Korean starting pitchers. In the four games that he played in May, Na failed to block more than five innings. He was sluggish in his performance with a 12.33 ERA. Five starting pitchers remain vacant. Lee In-bok, who held the position until April, was instructed to join the second division with a 7.00 ERA.

Until the second week of May, there were many games that were postponed due to rain, so he did not have to worry about starting the fifth. Afterwards, however, young pitchers Hong Min-ki and Lee Min-seok staged a showcase in turn.

Left-hander Kim Jin-wook (21), who played as the third runner in the match against the Samsung Lions in Busan on the 25th, showed a pitch that is expected to settle down as the starting pitcher. He allowed five hits and three runs while playing 4 1/3 innings. The number of pitches was 68. He came down from the mound with more hits in the fifth inning, but he showed perfect pitching until the fourth inning. He showed aggressive pitching enough to strike 13 of the 19 batters he faced.

Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung, who ordered Kim Jin-wook to “make a convincing pitch” ahead of the match against Samsung on the 25th, praised him after the game, saying, “He pitched so well as a starting pitcher.”

Kim Jin-wook was drafted in the first round in the second round of the rookie draft in 2021. He immediately started his debut game (against the Kiwoom Heroes in Busan on April 9, 2021). However, he failed to become a starting pitcher. He played in 50 games as a bullpen pitcher last season (2023).

“What if I go up (to the mound) and play ball, ball, ball, ball?” Kim Tae-hyung said of Kim Jin-wook in April. “(Kim Jin-wook) still seems to lack my trust in ball control. He also encouraged him to gain experience as a starting pitcher in the Futures League.

Kim Jin-wook was evaluated as one of the “Big Three” pitchers in 2021, along with Lee Eui-ri (KIA Tigers) and Jang Jae-young (Kium). Lee has become a representative pitcher in the league, and Jang has recently turned into a batter and started anew. Having fallen short of expectations, Kim Jin-wook needs a turning point in his professional career. Finally, his team needs five starting pitchers. He has an opportunity to show his presence.

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