Tiger Corps Home Run Show!…Park Chanho is doing a ceremony with the broadcast staff


KIA, a professional baseball tiger corps, overpowered Doosan in second place with a hot home run show and maintained its lead.메이저사이트

Following Na Sung-beom and Choi Hyung-woo, Park Chan-ho, who did not have a home run this season, hit his first shot and performed a pleasant ceremony.


This is a rare home run by KIA Na Sung-bum, who shows the power of the tiger corps in the first inning.

He crossed the right fence in a so-called “knee-shooting” position, hitting a low-falling breaking ball while kneeling.

Na Sung-bum’s 4th cover of the season, which showed great strength!

Choi Hyung-woo, an “unbearable veteran” who entered the batter’s box soon after, also showed off his power as the home run king of the past as if he could not lose.

It sent Gwangju home fans wild by throwing over the left fence with a push rather than a pull.

KIA, which succeeded in gaining the upper hand with consecutive hitters’ home runs, hit Doosan once again in the second inning.

The main character is Park Chan-ho, who did not have a home run this season.

As soon as he hit it, he threw the bat excitedly as if he had sensed a home run, and as expected, he hit his first home run of the season.

After hitting a home run, when he was given an indifferent ceremony by his teammates, he held a ceremony with the broadcaster and drew laughter.

KIA dominated the second-place Doosan with three home runs and maintained its second consecutive victory.

[Park Chan-ho/KIA: “I knew you wouldn’t do it, but the camera director is in the same department as me. So I went there as I saw it.”]

The classic series between Lotte and Samsung.

In the sixth inning, Lotte’s first base chance, Lee Hak-joo’s ball hits the fence and falls.

However, while center fielder Kim Ji-chan failed to catch the ball properly and dropped it back, Lee Hak-joo penetrates home.

While Lotte third baseman Park Seung-wook caught the eye with his stunt-like defense, Reyes led Lotte to its winning streak with four hits and five RBIs.

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