First short term replacement SSG Siraka “My name has K (strikeout) “

Keisho Shiragawa (23, registered name Shirakawa), the first “short-term alternative foreign pitcher” in professional baseball, has strengthened his will to succeed in Korea.메이저놀이터

SSG recruited Sirakawa after foreign pitcher Roenis Elias suffered a left oblique muscle injury. Starting this year, the KBO will allow players who need treatment for more than six weeks to be listed on the list of rehabilitation players and to select a substitute foreign player until the player returns. The plan came at an environment where it is increasingly difficult to recruit foreign players during the season.

Shirakawa played for the Tokushima Indigo Sox of the Shikoku Island League in the Japanese independent league. “Shirakawa recently challenged for the draft but was not selected. However, he is attracting attention consistently due to his outstanding fastballs. He seems to be trying to take bigger chances by demonstrating his capabilities in Korea,” said an official familiar with the Japanese independent league.

Shirakawa, who threw his first bullpen session on Wednesday after arriving in Korea on Saturday, expressed confidence in his strikeout capability through his club. “My name is Keisho (baseball record for strikeouts) with K in it. I will show you a strikeout show. My strength is my strikeout capability. I will strike out a lot while playing in the KBO league.” He pitched 280 and two-thirds innings during the five seasons, striking out 269. This year, he had 31 strikeouts in 29 innings.

“I pitched thinking that I should get used to the new environment because the official ball is different from the mound in Korea and Japan,” Shirakawa said. “The Japanese mound is relatively soft, so it feels like it pies when the front foot touches the ground, but the Korean mound is relatively hard, so only the spike mark remains. Also, the official ball seems to be different in the area where the official ball of Japan is a little larger and the seam is a little thinner.”

Shirakawa has a strong will to succeed. “I will prepare well as I have done in Japan. Unlike the Japanese independent league, there are many spectators in the KBO League, and I think it will be different for me,” he said. “Now that I have come to Korea and become an SSG Landers player, I will be a player who can contribute to my team. I want to play in the KBO League with the help of people around me in terms of language and culture.”

The SSG has Ha Jae-hoon, an outfielder who played in the Japanese independent league. Shirakawa said, “I had a coach in Tokushima who knows Ha, so I was able to talk to him on the phone before coming to Korea. He supported me by saying, ‘Let’s work hard and get good results together.’ He also said, “I had pork belly when I came to Korea, and it was unique and delicious.”

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