The never-ending fall of the ‘Eagle’… Hanwha’s director and CEO resign

The Hanwha Eagles, ranked last in the league, announced its plan to rebuild ahead of the 2021 season, appointing Carlos Subero, the team’s first foreign coach. However, their trip ended during the 2023 season, the last year of their contract. As the team remained at the bottom, the team decided to change its stance to “win now” rather than “rebuilding right away.스포츠토토

Hanwha chose Choi Won-ho (photo), who was in charge of the Futures (second division) team. Choi took over the baton early in the 2023 season and finished ninth, breaking away from the 10th place he had been staying for three consecutive years. Looking further down the road, Hanwha signed an eight-year, 17 billion-won (approx. 17 million U.S. dollars) contract with Ryu Hyun-jin, who finished his Major League career in the U.S., ahead of the 2024 season, and also recruited veteran Ahn Chi-hong in the free agent market. Hanwha, which has Chae Eun-sung and Lee Tae-yang in the previous season, is making aggressive investments for the second consecutive year. For this reason, experts considered Hanwha to be one of the top five players in fall baseball.

The highly anticipated 2024 season saw the Hanwha Eagles fall to the bottom of the list again, becoming the “grave of coaches.” Hanwha said on Monday that Choi Won-ho and Park Chan-hyuk voluntarily resigned.

Hanwha, which once ranked No. 1 after winning seven consecutive games in the early days of this season, plunged to the eighth place with 21 wins, one draw and 29 losses (0.420) as of Tuesday, as its players were in a slump overall. It is only one game behind Kiwoom, which is at the bottom of the standings. In the end, Choi himself resigned after completing one year out of three years of contract period, taking responsibility for poor performance. CEO Park Chan-hyuk also decided to resign in a sense that both the front desk and the team will take responsibility. Hanwha announced its resignation again in a year following Subero’s resignation in May last year.

Hanwha’s leadership position is nothing short of the “poisoned holy grail.” Following former coach Kim Sung-keun in May 2017, former coach Han Yong-deok in June 2020, and former coach Subero in May 2023, Hanwha continued to humiliate its four-member team for failing to meet the contract period. Of the 13 coaches in total, six were terminated in the interim due to poor performance.

Hanwha, whose head coach is empty right now, will entrust its senior coach, Jeong Kyeong-bae, as acting coach, and begin the process of appointing a new coach. “We will appoint the next coach as soon as possible to fix the team and continue the season,” the Hanwha Eagles said.

Hanwha also announced its farewell to foreign pitcher Felix Peña on the same day. Peña, who joined the Hanwha Eagles in 2022, has been sluggish significantly this year with three wins and five losses and an ERA of 6.27. The Hanwha Eagles chose right-handed pitcher Jaime Barria as a substitute. Barria made his MLB debut as a member of the Los Angeles Angels in 2018, and posted a record of 22 wins, 32 losses and an ERA of 4.38, in 134 games (62 starts).

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