Will Shin Min-hyuk, who has established himself as the first starter in the country with the “overwhelming first-pitch strike ratio + three changeups,” save NC, which is in crisis

NC, led by head coach Kang In-kwon, will play the 2024 professional baseball KBO League regular season home game against manager Lee Bum-ho’s KIA Tigers at Changwon NC Park on the 28th.먹튀검증

NC is not in a good mood these days. This is why the situation has been on the wane rapidly since May. Having been in the lead with 20 wins and 11 losses through April, they have been hamstrung by the bullpen’s poor performance (5.79 ERA) and lack of concentrated hits in scoring position (0.250 ERA) over the past week. NC has lost four games in a row recently, and has recorded only seven wins, one draw and 13 losses in May. This is the first time this year that NC has lost four games in a row.

To make matters worse, Kia is hardly an easy match to face. Not only is it leading the league with 31 wins, one draw and 20 losses, but it has also displayed strength against NC. Having accepted the report card of six wins, one draw and nine losses against KIA last year, NC is showing lackluster performance again this year with one win and five losses overall against the rival team. Notably, it suffered its first three consecutive losses this year at the three consecutive home games that took place from Friday to Sunday.

Naturally, Shin Min-hyuk who started the NC Dinosaurs on the day has become burdensome. Shin Min-hyuk, who was called by NC for 49 times in the second and fifth rounds in 2018, is a right-handed pitcher who has 20 wins, 23 losses, and 4.46 ERA in 102 games (427.1 innings) until last year. Notably, he has taken advice from Super Ace Eric Peddy (Chicago White Sox), who had 20 wins, six losses and 209 strikeouts with a 2.00 ERA in the 2023 season, and is said to have taken a leap forward by benchmarking his pitching form.

Shin is continuing to play well this season. Playing in 10 games (53.2 innings) prior to the game, Shin is playing a good role as the starting pitcher for NC, with four wins and three losses and an ERA of 3.02.

Shin Min-hyuk, whom I met recently, said, “I am trying to become a stable pitcher, both for the fans and the club members. It’s going well now. Of course, there are times when it doesn’t work, but I am constantly preparing whether I do well or not.”

Shin Min-hyuk’s overwhelming first pitch strike ratio (70.7%) can be cited as the background of his performance. As he takes the ball count fight in his favor, his chances of naturally catching a batter increase.

Shin said, “I read an article that says if you hit a strike on the first pitch, you can beat a batter more easily. When I threw, I felt the importance was clear. When I hit a strike, I gained confidence and had a lot of places to throw. That’s what’s going on right now,” adding, “The automatic pitching judgment system (ABS) also suits me. That’s why I gained confidence. I am good at (playing high courses that I enjoy throwing).”

Not only that, but it is also helping to keep the ball rolling. This year, Shin allowed only four walks and one hit by a pitch while playing 53.2 innings. “I feel like my ball control is getting better and better as I try to grab a strike on the first pitch no matter what,” Shin said with a bright smile.

The three change-ups that make a difference in speed are also one of Shin’s favorite weapons. “We divided the change-ups into three. They were completely slow (90-100 kilometers), slow (110 kilometers), and fast (130 kilometers),” he said. “We also said that (catcher) Kim Hyung-joon can get the ball (without having to decide on a cause of death). As I try to take timing away (from batters), I think (pop fly) comes out frequently because there are many things that get missed,” he said.

Shin met Kia three times (two starters) in the 2023 season and pitched well with an ERA of 3.46 (six runs and five earned runs in 13 innings). This is the first showdown this year. We need to bring back good memories of last year.

Even NC, which currently ranks fifth with 27 wins, 1 draw and 24 losses, desperately needs Shin Min-hyuk’s good pitching. If the losing streak lasts longer, there will be no guarantee of staying in the mid-ranked team. Will Shin Min-hyuk, who is improving day by day, be able to save NC in crisis by displaying good pitching.

Meanwhile, Kia has announced that it will recruit Yoon Young-chul as the starting pitcher. Named No. 2 overall in the first round in 2023, Yoon is a left-handed pitcher who posted eight wins and seven losses with an ERA of 4.04 in 25 games (122.2 innings) in the same year. He has earned three wins and two losses with an ERA of 4.47 in nine games (46.1 innings) this season.

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