“Awakening” at the resignation of the director…Hanwha won three games in a row

Hanwha, a professional baseball team whose manager and CEO resigned together due to poor performance, succeeded in rebounding. It won the first game of the acting Chung Kyung-bae system and won three consecutive games.토토사이트

When Choi Won-ho left the team and asked the team not to give up, Hanwha’s batters showed a hot hit as if they were awakened.

In the third inning, when the score was 3-1 down, Peraza hit a chase solo home run, and the bat exploded in the fifth inning.

With the bases loaded with two hits and a walk, Chae Eun-sung’s push-off walk tied the game, and Lee Do-yoon’s ball hit the body to make the turnaround.

Choi Jae-hoon, Hwang Young-mook, and Jang Jin-hyuk then hit three consecutive timely hits, and Kim Tae-yeon’s sacrifice fly was tied to score eight points to decide the game.

Hanwha, which added starter Moon Dong-ju’s three runs in six innings, beat Lotte 12-3 to win its third consecutive game.

Acting coach Chung Kyung-bae reported victory in his debut game.

LG defeated SSG 7 to 5 and won 5 consecutive games.

Against SSG Kim Kwang-hyun, Hong Chang-ki hit the final three-run home run and Koo Bon-hyuk hit a decisive three-run home run.

Leading KIA lost NC for five consecutive games after a slugfest.

Socrates hit a three-run home run, and he played hard to catch Park Gun-woo’s home run.

Kiwoom, where starter Furado pitched seven innings of two runs, beat Samsung by one point, and KT, where Moon Sang-chul hit four hits and five RBIs, won a big victory over Doosan.

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