“Bumseok, take a break today.” Leadoff Hong Chang-ki’s three-run shot began… Even the seventh batter Koo Bon-hyuk hit a three-run shot

Twins’ love for the youngest. When Kim Bum-suk, the youngest who failed to take advantage of the chance to load the bases in the first inning, came into the dugout in great regret, Hong Chang-ki, the leadoff pitcher of the second inning, hit a three-run shot to appease the youngest’s regret.

When Kim Bum-seok, who was aiming for the first pitch of the first and second bases with no outs in the third inning when he was leading 3-0, stepped down with a fly ball to right field and was disappointed, Koo Bon-hyuk, who entered the batter’s box, hit another three-run shot and succeeded in revenge for the youngest.스포츠토토

At SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Friday, the first game of three consecutive games between the LG Twins and the SSG Landers took place. LG, which had been on a four-game winning streak, had faced off with Kim Kwang-hyun as the starting pitcher for the SSG, which had been losing six games in a row.

LG led the atmosphere from the beginning of the game as a series of home runs were hit at unexpected points in the game, which was expected to be a tight pitching match.

LG, who had a chance to load the bases with two outs in the first inning, held the bat down on SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun’s first pitch slider, but the inning ended in vain when the check swing was made and the catcher grounded out. He tried his best to run to first base, but the result was out. Kim blamed himself with a regretful look.

In the first inning, LG’s Kim Bum-suk checked and swung at the first pitch and grounded out to the catcher

Hong Chang-ki, the leadoff man in the second inning, stepped up to help the youngest, who felt sorry for failing to take advantage of the grand slam chance. Taking the batter’s box with runners at the first and second bases with one out, Hong properly swung SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun’s slider to send the ball over the fence. LG took the lead early in the game by scoring the first point with Hong Chang-ki’s three-run shot.

Kim, who entered the batter’s box when he had a chance to score runs with no outs and runners on the first and second bases in the third inning when his team was leading 3-0, was aiming for the first pitch again this time. He confidently turned the bat, but the result was a fly ball to right field. After failing to hit the first pitch for two consecutive times, Kim entered the dugout with a regretful expression.

Koo Bon-hyuk, who was watching the youngest, who was regretful at the waiting table, did not miss a mistake when SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun’s third pitch changeup was concentrated in the middle with one out and runners on first and second bases. The ball that Koo Bon-hyuk pulled hard fell into a place that left fielder Eredia could not catch and led to a three-run shot.

When Kim Bum-suk, the youngest player with long hit power, stepped down with the bases loaded in the first inning and the second base chance, Hong Chang-ki and Koo Bon-hyuk hit home runs in an unexpected moment to appease their younger brothers’ disappointment.

In the third inning, the seventh batter Koo Bon-hyuk hit a three-run shot, bringing the atmosphere to life
When LG’s batting lineup exploded early in the game, SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun was dismissed early before completing the third inning.

LG, which won 7-5, rose to second place alone by sinking SSG into a seven-game losing streak.

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