Did you forget trust number 4 despite the worst slump in fall baseball, but ask for release? …Park Byung-ho, why did you complain so much

Did Park forget about last fall’s baseball game, in which he firmly maintained the No. 4 hitter position under the manager’s endless consideration despite the worst hitting slump? What made Park Byung-ho (38) so dissatisfied that he asked his team to release him.토토사이트

Park Byung-ho, a veteran center hitter with the KT Wiz in the professional baseball league, suddenly told his club over the weekend that he wanted to leave the team. He appeared as a pinch hitter for Cho Yong-ho in the bottom of the eighth inning with one out and a runner on the second base when his team was leading 4-2 against the Kiwoom Heroes in Suwon on Saturday, and struck out swinging, but requested an official announcement of waivers after the game was over. After agonizing over and interviewing repeatedly due to limited playing time and limited position, Park declared that he would take off his KT uniform.

Park Byung-ho, once called a “national powerhouse,” is a living history in the home run category of the Korean pro baseball. After receiving the LG Twins’ first nomination in the rookie draft in 2005, Park hit 380 home runs in 19 seasons until last year, and hit 35 home runs after signing a three-year, 3 billion won FA contract with KT in 2022, when his aging curve was suspected, to win his sixth (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019, 2022) home run title.

Even at the age of 36, Park displayed formidable power, breaking former Lotte Giants manager Larry Sutton’s 2005 record of being the oldest (35-year-old) home run king. Beyond Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop (five times), Park also became the No. 1 overall home run home run player, Park has made history as winning the sixth home run king award, the most in history. Up until then, KT’s contract with Park was considered a “god move.”

In the second year of his FA contract, Park has dented the pride of a national slugger. Compared to 2022, his batting average has risen from 275 to 283, but his home runs (35 → 28), RBIs (98 → 87) and slugging percentage (.559 →.443) have plummeted, and he suffered the worst slump since he entered the postseason with his batting average of 15.8 percent (6 hits in 38 times at bat).

Park was the cleanup hitter in all five playoff games against the NC Dinos, and posted four hits, one RBI, and a batting average of 20 times at bat, cutting the flow properly. While he was at 20 times at bat, he struck out seven and hit two double plays, and the only timely hit was Game 4.

The Korean Series against the LG Twins also showed no major turnaround. With manager Lee Kang-chul’s unlimited trust, he remained as the cleanup hitter without changing the batting order, but remained silent as he had no hit in four times at bat in the first game and no hit in four times at bat in the second game. He did his part for a while with multi-hitters including home runs in Game 3, but he had to watch his former LG win the title despite his lackluster performance of two times at bat in Game 4 and three times at bat in Game 5.

“(Autumn baseball) remains in my mind a lot. I have nothing to show, but emptiness. If I had shown good performance, the result would have changed. I feel very sad about the Korean Series. I wanted to turn back time,” Park said, blaming himself. “I have to do well next year, so I have to prepare even harder. I will spend the winter with a new goal.”

However, Park faced an even bigger challenge as he entered the final year of his FA contract. He was the cleanup hitter at the opening of the 2024 season, but had no home run and three RBIs in total for the month of March. Perhaps due to severe stress, Park took his anger out to reporters with the so-called “insincere interview” after finishing the game against Doosan Bears in Suwon on March 28.

Coach Lee Kang-chul tried to change the batting order and substitute for Park in order to save him, but his slump showed no signs of improving. Park has consistently hit .229 per month in April and remained silent in May, with Moon Sang-chul playing as the first baseman and Kang Baek-ho playing as designated hitters, resulting in synergy and narrowing his position. Park Byung-ho fell into a bench member with a slump of .331 with a batting average of 198, three homers, 10 RBIs and a slugging percentage of .307 on-base percentage in 44 games.

The essence of this incident is Park’s sluggishness. Park failed to contribute to the team that fell to the bottom in the early days of the season, and the coach, who was seeking a solution, found better resources than Park. The coach tried to honor the veteran as much as he could, but could not afford to wait for him when the team’s performance was not good. It is a natural providence of a professional player and a process that numerous star player-turned veterans have experienced so far. When performance declines, the coach tends to give way to younger players, and when he does not understand the reality, he only needs to show off his robustness through efforts.

Let’s turn back time to last year’s fall baseball. Manager Lee Kang-cheol was one of the people who suffered the most due to Park Byung-ho’s severe batting slump.

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