KIA pitcher Kwak Do-kyu, who ran tirelessly, ‘Honey-flavored rest’ for the upward curve

Kwak Do-gyu (20), a hit product for the KIA Tigers bullpen in professional baseball this year, was given a sweet break.

Left-hander Kwak Do-kyu was removed from the first-team entry on the 27th when there was no game. This is the first time that Kwak Do-kyu, who had been included in the first-team list since the opening game of this season, has been excluded from the first-team roster.먹튀검증

Kwak Do-gyu, who had been running nonstop, was put out of the team’s roster to take a break. In his second year as a professional, he pitched in 29 games and pitched 22 ⅔ innings, playing a pivotal role in the must-win group. Among KBO league pitchers, he played the second most games after Lee Woo-chan (LG Twins) and Jang Hyun-sik (KIA), who played in 30 games.

With his team’s belief, Kwak gained many opportunities to play, and displayed outstanding performances by banking on his powerful pitching form. He accumulated the most holds in his team along with Jeon with seven holds. He displayed stable pitching with 3.57 ERA. It was quite different from last year when he had a rough debut season with an 8.49 ERA.

From the beginning of the season, Kwak’s pitching pace was unusual. He did not lose any points during two ⅓ innings in four games in March, and in April, he played in 13 games with a 2.45 ERA, securing three holds.

However, since his physical strength has decreased since May by playing four consecutive games, Kwak has slowed down with an ERA of 5.79 in 12 games. In the two games, he was sluggish in dedicating two or more points without recording any out count. After much consideration, Kia decided that Kwak should have time to recharge his physical strength.

Fortunately, in the last three games that he played before he was removed from the first division, he pitched three innings of one hit, two walks and no runs. As he is expected to return after 10 days, Kwak Do-gyu is trying to maintain the upward curve after a delicious rest.

Kia, without Kwak Do-gyu, will likely fill the vacancy by utilizing Choi Ji-min and left-handed pitcher Lee Joon-young, who are already in the team’s roster. Side arm pitcher Lim Ki-young, who is registered in the first division entry on behalf of Kwak Do-gyu, is also a card that can fill the vacancy.

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