Park Se-woong, who is obsessed with the ’59 out of 112′ slider ghost, scored 10 runs in shock and the worst throw… failed to overcome the Daejeon jinx

Is he obsessed with something? Park Se-woong (29), the “glasses ace” of the Lotte Giants, displayed the worst pitching since his professional debut. Due to incomprehensible ballgame, the team completely collapsed, allowing eight runs in the fifth inning alone.메이저사이트

In the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League game against the Hanwha Eagles at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Tuesday, Park took the mound as the starting pitcher, and posted 11 hits, one homer, three walks, and four strikeouts and 10 runs (nine earned) in four ⅔ innings. As Lotte lost 3-12, Park lost for the fourth time in this season (five wins). The ERA soared from 3.59 to 4.62.

Since his debut in the first division in 2015, Park has recorded the highest number of runs in a single game in 10 seasons. The previous record was nine runs (three innings) against the Doosan Bears on Aug. 26, 2016.

Park had a hard time starting in the first inning. He handled leadoff hitter Kim Tae-yeon with a fly ball to left field after the third pitch, but he was hit by a fastball of 147 km/h after a full count match with second batter Jonathan Peraza, allowing a double to right-center. Park, who handled Noh with a ground ball to third base, gave up a walk after a close game with An Chi-hong that lasted until the eighth pitch.

With two outs and runners on the first and second bases, Park failed to overcome Chae Eun-seong. With the ball count 2-1, the 146 km/h fastball for the fourth pitch led to a left-handed hit that passed by the shortstop, and Park allowed one run first. With two outs and runners on the first and second bases that followed, Lee grounded out to the second base after a six-ball game, ending the first inning with a difficulty.

The second inning was relatively smooth. Park struck out leadoff hitter Choi Jae-hoon, and Hwang hit a double on a 145 km/h fastball, but struck out Jang Jin-hyuk with a swing and a ground ball to shortstop to prevent Kim Tae-yeon from ending the inning.

Lotte’s batters successfully turned the game around by targeting Hanwha starter Moon Dong-joo in the top of the third inning. However, Park hit a solo home run after throwing a high-course fastball of 144 km/h to lead-off batter Peraza in the bottom of the third inning, allowing a 3-2 chase. Park struck out Noh and An Chi-hong with a fly ball to right field, but handled Lee with a fly ball to left field and finished the third inning without additional loss.

Park, who was hit by fastballs on all four hits through the third inning, changed his pitching pattern by throwing only three types of breaking balls, including slider, curveball, and forkball in the fourth inning. As a result, he took the only three out in the inning. He grounded Choi Jae-hoon to the third base, Hwang Young-mook to the first base, and struck out Jang Jin-hyuk with a swing and miss.

In the fifth inning as well, Park tried to deal with Hanwha’s batters by banking on his breaking ball, but that did not work this time. He was hit by a 136 km/h slider and gave up a hit to the left-handed game. Peraza, who had been hit with two long balls, threw two fork balls and two sliders to allow a straight walk.

In the match against Noh, he threw sliders at two consecutive pitches and threw fastballs at the third pitch, resulting in a foul. Park, who threw curves at the fourth and fifth pitches in a row, faced a crisis of full base with no outs. Park, who threw sliders at the second pitch in a row against An Chi-hong, managed to garner one out count by hitting a grounder to the pitcher.

Park pitched six consecutive sliders against Chae Eun-seong, who had two hits earlier, but the result was a walk to push out. Park allowed a 3-3 tie, but when the slider game did not work out, he threw a forkball with the first and a fastball with the second pitch at Lee Do-yoon’s bat. However, the ball flew far from the catcher’s mitt, which demanded an outsider, and eventually he allowed another run with the ball that hit his body, and dedicated the reversal of 3 to 4.

The nightmare did not end there. With the bases loaded with one out, Park hit a timely hit while throwing sliders at four of his five pitches against Choi Jae-hoon. He then threw a slider from the first pitch to Hwang Young-mook, allowing a two-run double that passed by the first baseman. With runners on the second and third bases with one out, Park also staged a slider game against Jang Jin-hyuk with the first pitch, but faced a timely two-run hit towards right field. The score widened to 3-9.

Park finally threw two consecutive fastballs against Kim Tae-yeon to make the ball count 1-1. At the time of throwing the third curveball, the first baseman aimed for the second base, and Jang advanced to the third base as catcher Son Sung-bin’s throw missed. With one out and third base, Park again used two consecutive sliders, and Kim Tae-yeon hit a sacrifice fly RBI by hitting the ball in the middle into the deep course toward center field. He managed to secure his second out count, but his 10th run was recorded.

After meeting Peraza again, Park pitched both curveball and fastball to induce swing and foul using slider. He allowed a full count of his fifth ball to hit the ball, and his slider at the sixth ball concentrated on the high course, allowing him to make a critical hit. Manager Kim Tae-hyung’s patience stopped there. Park failed to take responsibility for the last out count in the fifth inning and handed the mound to Han Hyun-hee. Han threw his first fastball against Roh and grounded out to finish the inning.

Park threw 112 pitches on the day, the most in this season. He pitched 26 pitches, 18 curveballs, and nine forkballs, while his slider was 59 pitches (52.7 percent), which was more than half of the speed limit. Strangely, he became obsessed with sliders.

Given that all hits allowed up to the third inning were fastballs, it can be inferred that he chose to play the slider, which is a type of pitching that he is confident in. However, he insisted on sliders recklessly when allowing many runs in the fifth inning. His pitches that were not sharp became hits due to walks or swings of Hanwha batters. As a result, he ended up causing a major pitching disaster with sliders.

Park again failed to overcome his “vulture phobia” and “Daejeon phobia.” Prior to the match, Park had one win and eight losses with a 7.97 ERA in 16 games (15 starts) against Hanwha, and seven losses with an 8.10 ERA without a win at Daejeon Stadium. Park, who did not take the mound at all last season, was obsessed with the specter of sliders in his first appearance at Daejeon Stadium this year, displaying the worst performance ever.

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