Daegu FC failed to escape the relegation zone for the fourth time in the season

Daegu FC, which has lost two consecutive games following its home game against Gangwon and away to Suwon, is hardly out of the relegation zone.밤알바

In a 15th round away match against Hana Bank’s K League 1 2024 Suwon FC at Suwon Stadium on the evening of May 29, Daegu sought to change the atmosphere due to a change in its lineup, but it did not work and gave up the game 0-2.

Coach Park Chang-hyun’s card, which recently chose Ko Jae-hyun as a winger who desperately needs to escape from the slump, centered on young players such as Park Se-min, who started for the first time, and Park Jin-young, a defender who recently sent trust, did not have much effect.

Daegu, which showed disappointment in concentration in the second half, allowed consecutive goals to Kang Sang-yoon and Lee Seung-woo, staying in 11th place in the relegation zone.

Daegu FC, which fortunately escaped a last-place fall as the lowest-ranked Daejeon was defeated, has emerged as the biggest concern after the manager’s change.

Daegu, which failed to score another goal after the last match against Jeju, is regrettable in that it is the fourth scoreless loss of the season and the sixth scoreless game.

After giving up the game, coach Park Chang-hyun said, “There is no one under us,” adding, “It is a very important game for the other side as well,” and expressed his determination to “play as a life-and-death decision” about the upcoming match against Daejeon.

Daegu will fall to the bottom if it records a defeat against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 16th round at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on June 2.

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