“I think I’m going crazy.” 5kg forced diet due to enteritis… Still, Kim Do-young, who endured, grew into a “full-time genius” in May

Kim Do-young, an infielder with the KIA Tigers in the professional baseball league, had a crazy March-April period. Since the season’s opening, he has won the monthly MVP award by posting a record-breaking month, with a batting average of 33.8 percent (44 hits in 130 times at bat), 10 homers and 14 steals, and a record of 10 homers and 10 steals per month in the KBO League.토토사이트

Did he run too fast after the season opened? Kim faltered since then. Then, he suffered from wrist pain and enteritis and lost his balance. The game continued, but he did not feel the power and vitality of Kim Do-young. The home run, which he had hit hard, has not exploded since May 4 against Hanwha.

Therefore, the match against NC in Changwon on the 29th was meaningful to Kim. Kim had three hits, three RBIs and one walk from three times at bat in five times at bat on the day, leading his team to a 6-3 victory. KIA has won four consecutive games.

He hit a timely hit to the right field with runners on first and second bases with two outs in the third inning with his team leading 2-0, and hit a sacrifice fly to the right field in the fifth inning with one out, giving him a 4-3 lead. In the seventh inning, he hit a 146km fastball by Kim Jae-yeol, a member of NC`s winning team, to blast a superior solo shot. His 12th cannon of this season, which he displayed in just 25 days, was impressive.

“I think it was a meaningful homer. With today’s homer, I think I can display a better batting performance,” Kim said after the game. “I hit well on the outside fastballs. I thought the timing was too late, and I felt that my hands kept failing even with fastballs. Today, the timing was good for the ball that hung over the outside end of the zone. It was even better,” he said with a light smile.

Still, Kim’s condition is not very good. The aftermath of enteritis is going on for quite a while. “I think I’m going crazy,” he said, shaking his head. “After the enteritis, my immune system has weakened and I lost about 4 to 5 kilograms. While I was swinging, I felt my body speed slowed down. So I couldn’t even respond to my fastball. Now I’m trying to gain a lot of weight. I still have no appetite and try to force myself to eat. Still, I don’t think I’m gaining weight. I’m worried because I’ll lose more weight in the summer.”

However, as Kim Do-young is a talent, he managed to survive through April. Although it is incomparable to the destructive power he had in April, he consistently managed to garner hits. As of May, he still has a batting average of 346 li (28 hits in 81 times at bat), two homers, eight RBIs and four steals, and an OPS of .874.

He is a promising player in his third year but has never played full time due to frequent injuries, which was another experience. “I can feel the speed of my body has slowed down. That’s why my body has slowed down,” he said. “I think my body has to respond quickly. I realized once again that players who play full time are amazing.”

Even the bench knows that Kim Do-young is not in a good condition, so they are asked to exercise self-restraint. He seemed to be able to garner 40 homers and 40 steals, but his pace of stealing has dropped significantly in May. “I want to run, but I get an autograph telling me not to keep running, so I won’t run. I have a lot of greed, but I think the coach and the coach are restraining me because I am not in normal shape. I am trying to accept it now,” he said.

As Kim Do-yeong, he can be said to have endured it. Regarding the upcoming season, he vowed, “I will not be able to show how I was in April, but I think I need to bring back good things such as the active batting performance. I think I should do well while looking at the journal that I kept when I was in a good condition.”

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