“I watched all of Jeonbuk’s pre-season games.” The reason why I fell in love with coach Kim Doo-hyun!

Jeonbuk has been vacant for a while. However, the seat was vacant as former coach Petrescu voluntarily announced his resignation. Immediately, he began the process of appointing a successor to the head coach.

However, they failed to speed up, prioritizing identifying the cause of the slump rather than the immediate appointment of a coach. Jeonbuk worked as an acting coach under Park Won-jae in the absence of a coach.여우알바

Jeonbuk immediately started to appoint a new head coach. However, it failed to speed up, prioritizing identifying the cause of the slump rather than the immediate appointment of a coach.

Jeonbuk played the game under the acting coach Park Won-jae in the absence of a coach.

Jeonbuk’s acting coach Park Won-jae worked with coach Cho Sung-hwan to calm the atmosphere. Coach Jung Hyuk was evaluated as having a more structured system than the Petrescu system, such as working on A and B teams at the same time.

However, he did not receive strength in the absence of a formal coach and did not avoid pointing out that the appointment of the head coach was urgent.

Jeonbuk accelerated the appointment of the head coach, determined that head coach Kim Doo-hyun was the best person and promised to accompany him.

Jeonbuk officially announced the appointment of head coach Kim Doo-hyun on the 27th and held an inaugural press conference ahead of the 15th round match of Hana Bank’s K League 1 2024 against Gangwon FC on the 29th.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the people who gave me the opportunity at a time when I was in trouble. The selection process was not easy. It was easy because of the players and fans. I know there are concerns and concerns around me. I want to start with a sense of responsibility that provides expectations and joy,” Kim said.

“I ordered him to have confidence. It is personal, but if he is ready as a team, it is possible. A game is something of joy, not fear.” When players prepare, victory comes along, and fans enjoy it. I think if we prepare, we will do well,” he said, vowing to renew his commitment to help Jeonbuk rebound.

“I pursue four things: time, space, positioning and balance. The battle between time and space has begun in modern soccer. I will focus on positioning to secure time and space during the game. The most important thing is balance. I think both defense and offense should be applied in various ways. Formation is meaningless. How much you can subdue the opponent is important,” he said, referring to his specific philosophy.

Jeonbuk has been cautious about its appointment as a head coach, focusing on analyzing the cause of the slump with its parent company first. That’s why it took longer. What made you fall in love with coach Kim Doo-hyun in this situation?

“I learned this from the meeting with Kim Doo-hyun, but I have watched all our games since the opening of this season. I was aware of the problems of the team and the direction we needed to move forward,” he said.

“As we talked, we were convinced that we were ready for the leadership of the team and the tactics required by modern soccer,” he said, explaining the background of his push for the appointment of head coach Kim Doo-hyun.

Coach Kim Doo-hyun is well-known as a tactician who studied. During his time as Jeonbuk’s acting coach, he improved his performance by responding flexibly and responding to his term in office, and received positive reviews for his solid process.

The match between Jeonbuk and Gangwon was also Kim Doo-hyun’s debut match. Captain Kim Jin-soo expressed the mood after the match.

Kim Jin-soo said, “The positioning has changed the most. The part that I tried to play with the initiative has changed.”

“It was fun. I took the lead and led the game for the first time in a long time. I only had one day to prepare for it and I’m sorry about the result, but I think the content was good,” he added.

Jeonbuk has appointed Kim Doo-hyun after analyzing the cause of the team’s recent slump. The team is aiming to change the mood with its prepared head coach.

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