“I’m sorry, because of me…” Why did Park Byung-ho apologize to his best friend who was traded back

The controversy over the release of Park Byung-ho (38), one of the most popular powerhouses, ended quickly with a trade deal. KT was able to officially announce one-on-one trade deal by accepting Oh Jae-il (38), one of the most veteran powerhouses, as a condition that Park Byung-ho be handed over to Samsung on Wednesday.메이저사이트

Park Byung-ho, who suffered a severe slump in Kiwoom between 2020 and 2021, signed an FA contract with KT at the end of the 2021 season with a three-year total of 3 billion won, and succeeded in winning the title of home run king by hitting 35 home runs in 2022, becoming the main character of a reversal drama. However, the number of home runs plunged to 18 last year, and this year, he hit only three home runs with a batting average of around 10%, reducing his position. As Moon Sang-chul, who is in the same position, flew, the chances of playing declined gradually, and eventually, he conveyed his intention to the club that he wanted to leave. A KT official admitted, “It is true that Park Byung-ho officially asked the club to release him last weekend.”

As this fact became public knowledge, KT had to make a quick decision. If Park fails to decide what to do and takes a long time, it will never help his team. As a result, KT sought to trade quickly, and the result was a trade deal with Oh Jae-il.

Park and Oh Jae-il, who exchanged uniforms, were born in 1986 and were the same age as each other and were close friends. When the trade was announced, they had a telephone conversation, and Park said, “I am sorry” to Oh Jae-il, expressing his apology. In conclusion, Park Byung-ho’s request for release from KT was the beginning of the trade, and Oh Jae-il, who remained still, had to change uniforms at one point, which made Park feel sorry for him.

“I talked to (Park) Byung-ho on the phone for a long time. He was my best friend and he talked about how funny it was to be traded among friends,” Oh Jae-il said. “Byeong-ho said, ‘I’m sorry that you suddenly seem to be changing teams because of me.’ So, he said, ‘If you do well in your own place, it’s good for each other.'”

Despite the sudden trade, this could serve as an opportunity for the two players to revive. Oh Jae-il, who suffered a slump like Park Byung-ho this season, had time to reorganize himself after returning from the 2nd division.

Oh Jae-il said, “There were times when it didn’t fit well, so when the environment changes, I think I can work with a new mood and a new mind to start over. I want to do well,” expressing his determination, “Rather than thinking about the main battle, I think I should do my best in the role given to me. Then, good results will come out, and if good results continue, I will be able to play many games. And even if I can’t participate, I will have a role to play for my juniors. Personally, I am a person who enjoys and enjoys baseball, but it was also true that I was a little depressed because baseball has not been doing well recently. Now that the team has changed, I want to play baseball more fun. I think there will be many things I can do to help my juniors, so I am thinking of working hard in that role as well,” he said, vowing to become a player who will be helpful to the team as a veteran.

Oh Jae-il has been gradually recovering his batting sense since returning to the first division in time for the NC match on the 12th. “My recent batting experience was not that bad,” said Oh Jae-il. “If I continue to practice and prepare well and manage my physical condition well, it will help KT a lot.” Oh Jae-il came out as a pinch hitter at the top of the eighth inning against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 29th and faced his first at-bat since joining KT, but he was out after striking out. However, this is the beginning. His best friend, who was traded as a counterpart, was so sudden that he could say, “I’m sorry,” but Oh Jae-il is trying to make a “resurrection” with this trade.

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