May, not Mitchell, returned as ERA 2.51 ace in May, Lim Chan-kyu “will continue to look like this in June.”

He is the “super ace” in May. He was the same last year, and will continue to take the mound in May this year. Lim Chan-kyu, a pitcher with the most wins (14 wins) in Korea last year, led his team to its sixth consecutive win by making May a splendid one again.메이저놀이터

Lim threw 105 pitches at the match against Munhak SSG on Tuesday, allowing only two runs until the seventh inning. He had nine hits, but walked only one, and struck out six. He garnered his third win along with quality start plus (more than seven innings and less than three earned runs) for the first time in this season.

He has continued to be in good shape throughout May. His powerful changeups and curves came alive, and his fastball speed also shot 146 kilometers per hour several times on the day. With his superb mixing of the two critical pitches and his fastball pitching capability, he naturally achieved outstanding results. LG defeated SSG 13-4 in May. Lim was 3-0 with a 2.51 ERA in five appearances in May.

The following is an interview with Lim Chan-kyu after the game.

Q: With today’s appearance, I think you finished your five appearances well in May. What was your performance today and how did you feel about finishing May well?

I wanted to do this in March and April, but it didn’t work out as I wanted. Still, I think my hard work while studying well and managing my mind led to a good energy in May. The coach kept waiting for me. I think it was also effective to take the mound in the middle and try to change the flow. Thanks to a lot of help from people around me, I was able to gain good energy in May.

  • Director Yeom Kyung-yeop said he changed his change-up grip once and came back. Did the change-up come back to life when he returned to his old grip?

I changed my grip once in Gwangju (April 11). I took the feeling differently then, and threw it with the original grip again, which helped me improve some parts. Actually, changeup was a problem, but curve was also a problem. By modifying the curve, my performance seems to improve.

How did you fix the curve?

(Oh)Ji-hwan gave me advice while defending. It was against Lotte in Jamsil (April 17), and I felt the curve was coming off my finger less. I told him this part. There was no big abnormality in the tracking data, but I felt like I was washing, not coming off my finger. My curve is the style that comes in after being pulled out of the strike zone. Ji-hwan gave me advice and tried to find my curve, and that feeling came to life from the Daegu game (April 23).

-Until April, the change-up felt like it was sinking vertically. From May, it feels like it is slipping away diagonally from left-handed hitters. Tell us about the change-up.

Actually, I also prefer a change-up that moves sideways. I wanted to correct this part even when it only fell below the top of the season. Looking back, the important part of change-up was the axis of rotation. As I looked for the axis of rotation, the ball power of the fastball came up, and the change-up movement also improved. It was a slight correction, but the result changed drastically. So now I can throw two change-ups that fall vertically and move sideways.

-Today’s speed was good, with 146km coming out a few times. Overall, it looked like a good day.

Since taking the mound in the middle of the game against KIA in Jamsil on April 28, I feel the ball power is continuously rising. At that time, I felt as if I was hitting the ball by throwing it short in the middle. And I also remember last year when I saw my ball power rise in May. Then, as my physical strength declined in June and July, my ball power also declined, and I will prepare well for that part this year. I will continue to show my best performance in June as well.

Did he announce his intention to take the mound in the seventh inning?

I always leave all the decisions up to the coach and the coach. I don’t express my intentions very well. I naturally took the mound in the seventh inning because I thought a pitcher should be ready at any time and there was no replacement sign today.

Q: The ERA in May last year was 1.13 in four games. May this year is also good at 2.54 in five games. Why don’t you change your English name from Mitchell to May?

I think it will be okay because it starts with the same M. The current wind is that the good May energy continues in June and the team wins a lot.

Q: I think LG has improved this year compared to last year because of the three native starters. At this time last year, Lim Chan-kyu seemed to be carrying the native starters alone, but this year the three are throwing well evenly.

When I was in a bad situation in the beginning, (Choi) Won-tae and (Son) Joo-young helped me a lot. The team created a situation where I could wait for me. I came up when Joo-young or Won-tae fell a little, and now the three of them are doing well together. Two of our foreign pitchers had a hard time, but now I feel like I’m getting the hang of it.

What’s most important is that the five starting pitchers have continued to play this year, the most consistently in recent years. From the camp, he said he wanted to play starting baseball this year to ease the burden on the bullpen. He said he wants to keep throwing well. If all starting pitchers face off even one out count and one more batter, it will ease the burden on the bullpen and make it easier for the manager to manage the team. I hope our starting pitchers will continue to make good trends.

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