NC Rookie Lim Sang-hyun, Futures 148km no outs, hit the jackpot! … “I want to play with DOYOUNG”

NC Dinos Lim Sang-hyun drew the attention of coaching staff with a good pitch in the Futures League against KIA.고소득알바

Lim Sang-hyun started the Futures League against KIA at Masan Baseball Stadium on May 28 and stopped five innings with three hits and no outs and two runs in 6K.

KIA had a large number of players of the 1.5th tier. Ko Jong-wook, Park Jung-woo, Choi Jung-yong, Oh Sun-woo, Joo Hyo-sang, and Kim Gyu-seong were all in the 1.5th tier with lots of experience in the first tier. However, Lim was not intimidated.

Lim Sang-hyun’s showtime began then, although he allowed two runs in the first inning with three hits and a left-field error. Lim Sang-hyun perfectly blocked all the remaining innings until the second, third, fourth and fifth innings. He struck out as many as six. With his unique good curveball, he came to the professional and the newly learned splitter fired.

Lim Sang-hyun, who was nominated by NC as No. 5 in the second round last year, was a player with a weakness in control.

It wasn’t to the extent that my ball control was bad, but I had ups and downs. However, as I became a professional player, my ups and downs of my ball control have significantly decreased. In addition to this, folk balls (splitters) added to give me confidence in the game of left-handed hitters.

Lim said, “As I got fork balls, I gained confidence against left-handed hitters. My pitches that I throw well are curves and sliders.” He added, “I think the best thing that I’ve improved since I joined NC is my ball control. My average speed has increased a lot.”

In fact, Lim’s maximum speed limit amounted to 148 kilometers on the day. However, it was important not just to move 148 kilometers but to maintain the ball constantly through the fifth inning. The gap in ball speed was so small that he ran up to 147 kilometers in the fifth inning.

NC coach Lee Yong-hoon said, “Sang has improved a lot. If you don’t mind control, you can reach 150 kilometers. If you can use splitter more properly, you have the capacity to become a really good pitcher.”

Lim has yet to play in the first team. He shared a team meal with Hwang Joon-seo and Kim Taek-yeon in the national team last year.

When I see my teammates, I can’t help but feel blood boil. “Taekyeon has been so cool since I was in the national team last year. I thought I couldn’t throw fastballs,” he said. He added that he wanted to hurry up and join the first team and show his true value.

The batter he wants to face the most is Kim Do-young of KIA. Lim Sang-hyun, who says he wants to go head-on even if he gets hit with a home run. “I haven’t seen the first-team seniors throw balls yet, but (Shin) Young-woo, (Lee) Yong-joon, (Lee) Jun-ho, and others taught me a lot, which helped me a lot.”

Lim currently has a good record of 35K 2.70 in 27.1 innings in the Futures League. The best record player is Choi Woo-suk, who is mostly a relief pitcher, while Lim is a starter.

If we see another NC Dinos rookie pitcher in the first division this year, it is highly likely that he will be Lim Sang-hyun in the current state.

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