“Wow, wow!” 2,300 hits and 11.5 billion FA were surprised twice. “Changeup is crazy. The batter can’t use his hands.”

Anderson, a foreign pitcher for the SSG Landers in professional baseball, succeeded in four out of three games.

Anderson took the mound as a starting pitcher in the game against LG at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 30th, and pitched well with three hits, three walks, seven strikeouts, and two runs in six innings, becoming the winning pitcher.핑크알바

Anderson, who joined the SSG as a substitute in early May due to Duggar’s exit, pitched only three to four innings in the previous three games to build up the number of pitches he pitched. “Now I throw without a limit on the number of pitches I throw,” coach Lee said before the game. He took the mound as a full starter in his fourth KBO League game after completing the build-up of the number of pitches he pitched.

Anderson threw 49 fastballs, 20 sliders, 15 curveballs, 10 changeups, and three cutters. He pitched mainly on fastballs with speeds of up to 156 kilometers, and threw a lot of fantastic changeups against left-handed hitters in the first inning, but from the second inning onwards, he threw a lot of curveballs. He pitched sliders consistently with fastballs in every inning, but his control wasn’t that good. He pitched far more balls (14) than strikes (6).

He struck out seven through fastballs with speeds of over 150 kilometers per hour and caught the other through wild changeups. Park Dong-won and Moon Bo-kyung struck out two each on Anderson’s fastball of 152-156 kilometers per hour.

His changeup was fantastic as he struck out Kim with runners on the second base with one out in the first inning. After three fouls were made at the full count, Anderson threw a changeup (144 kilometers) towards his body for the ninth pitch. Kim tried to avoid the ball backward by pulling out his hip, but the ball flew towards his body before being bent into the middle. The umpire called for a strikeout, and Kim looked surprised.

“Kim Hyun-soo made a wow sound. If you look at the trajectory of the changeup, it has entered a course beyond the control of the batter,” Lee said. “Kim Hyun-soo is surprised twice.” The speed of the changeup, which had a maximum speed of 146 kilometers, was also amazing, but his ball movement was as strong as his determination. Kim Hyun-soo, who achieved 2,300 hits (his fifth ever) in the KBO League on the previous day, faced Anderson three times, but failed to garner a hit.

“I feel so good. The players came and did water ceremonies, and it’s always a good thing,” Anderson said with a smile after the game.

“First of all, I thought a lot about putting a lot of breaking balls into the S zone and using a fastball as a winning shot. I threw six innings in the first place,” Anderson said. “I don’t remember exactly throwing six innings, but I think it was around July last year,” Anderson said.

I asked Anderson how he felt about facing hitters in the four KBO league games. “First of all, I think they are good hitters in general, and they have a lot of power and that’s how many fly balls are produced. When hit by a bat, the ball flies a bit far, and overall, I think the hitters are good,” he said.

After taking the mound in the top of the sixth inning, Anderson rooted for the dugout with a passionate ceremony when he scored another run with Choi Jeong’s come-from-behind two-run home run and Herredia’s agile running sense in the bottom of the sixth inning. His passion for victory was palpable. “I think it was a victory that all the players desperately wanted, and I will do my best to win more,” Anderson said.

Anderson was selected as an instructor and gave interviews to fans. “I feel great. Especially, it feels great to have fans come to the stadium to cheer for me,” he said.

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