“Argh!” On the 96th pitch, 159km on the electronic display… The first starter of the national team, Moon Dong-ju, has come to life completely

Currently, the entire attention of the Hanwha Eagles is on manager Kim Kyung-moon. He would do the same, as the coach was dismissed for the fourth time in a row recently, and in the process, the veteran appeared in Daejeon for the first time in a long time. Of course, attention is bound to be drawn. Hanwha fans are expressing both expectations and concerns. Some fans expressed their fierce opposition.

However, there is more important news for Hanwha than for the appointment of manager Kim Kyung-moon. It is the perfect revival of Moon Dong-joo. Now, it would be safe to say that it is a revival. Moon made his first quality start plus of this season. He pitched 105 pitches in seven innings, perfectly blocking Samsung’s hitting line. As soon as Moon went down, Hanwha allowed the team to turn the game around. It was Moon who completely blocked Samsung’s batters, including Park Byung-ho.밤알바

Moon dominated the seventh inning. He already pitched close to 100. Kim Young-woong entered the batter’s box in an attempt to hit a long shot. After striking at the first pitch with a curve ball, Moon rushed to Kim by throwing a fastball at the center for the second and third pitches. The speed of the ball was incredible, however. The 96th pitch went up to 159 kilometers on the electronic display at Lions Park. The ball that struck out Kim swung and missed was 157 kilometers.

Although Moon allowed a hit to Kim, even McKinnon struck out with a 140-km high speed slider to finish the inning. As he exited the mound, Moon displayed unprecedented passion as if drawing favorable responses from the spectators. It was as if he was at Hangzhou AG, which roared at every out count.

Moon Dong-ju faced a huge enemy called Lin Yu-min at the time, leading Korea to its fourth consecutive gold medal. It was a moment when Moon Dong-ju was fully established in the national team and imprinted as Korea’s MVP-class pitcher.

Due to the Hanwha Eagles’ lackluster performance this season, Moon’s stake is huge. When the ace, who thought winning 10 games in at least 150 innings, collapsed, the team collapsed without hesitation. Perhaps Moon’s revival was far more important and should have been preceded than the appointment of Kim Kyung-moon.

Hanwha was swept three consecutive games in Daegu. The atmosphere is by no means good, but it is not necessarily gloomy.

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