RC/27 12.03… ‘Ma Huang’ Hwang Sung-bin’s overwhelming ability to score points

Lotte Giants outfielder Hwang Seong-bin (27) is recording a score of 12.03 in the RC/27 category provided by Sports2i, a baseball statistics firm, as of Sunday. He is the only batter in the Lotte Giants to have double digits. The second-ranked player in his team is Jeon Joon-woo, who marked 7.34.

RC (Run’s Created), which measures the ability to create points, is an indicator created by Saber Maturity Bill James, who pays attention to the importance of on-base and base. Initially, it was calculated by multiplying the on-base percentage and the total number of base hits, but later, other records that can evaluate scoring productivity, such as stolen bases, stolen bases, and double plays, were also reflected. RC/27 is an estimated score that can occur when assuming that a certain batter plays all 27 out-counts (nine innings).여우알바

As of Friday, Heo Kyung-min (Doosan Bears) topped the RC/27 list with 10.17 points. The second place went to Kiwoom Heroes’ foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson with 9,63 points. Hwang has yet to make his name on the list as he has yet to meet the required number of at-bats, but if he narrows down the number to a batter who has played more than 100 at-bats, he will be second in this category.

Hur and Dawson mainly came from hits. Hur ranks first in batting average (0.387) in the league, while Dawson ranks first in hits (82). Hwang, on the other hand, also boasts a high batting average (0.356) and on-base percentage (0.431), which he left in 41 games, but he excelled more on offense. He stole 20 bases, tying for third in the league. The success rate was 95.2 percent. There was only one failure. He also had no double play.

A fast runner and steals a lot of bases do not necessarily mean that RC/27 is high. The RC/27 of Cho Soo-haeng (Doosan), who ranks first in stolen bases (28), is only 4.62, and Park Hae-min, who ranks second (25), is only 4.81. The two players had a batting average of around 27-80 percent, and their on-base percentage around 30-30 percent. Hwang is armed with not only baserunning ability, but also high-level contact ability, and strong batting eye.

Hwang drew attention this season for his gritty performance at bat and lying on top of the ground. He often performed witty and bold baserunning and earned the nickname “Ma Hwang Seong-bin.”

He also provoked the opponent team by making loud gestures and acts that could cause misunderstanding. Some baseball fans criticized him, too. However, Hwang’s unique desire to win changed the mood of Lotte’s team, which had significantly subdued early this season. Having solidified his position as the leadoff hitter in the Lotte lineup, Hwang is now demonstrating his ability to generate top-notch goals in the league.

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