Dream of Hanwha’s “Renaissance” together, Beijing’s “9-game gold medal myth,” the “moon and monster” that has been reunited in 16 years since then, and Hanwha’s “Renaissance.”

Kim Kyung-moon, Hanwha’s new manager, expressed his delight when Ryu appeared at the inauguration ceremony and press conference of Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Thursday to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Chae Eun-sung as the representative of the team. “I won the gold medal thanks to (Ryu) Hyun-jin at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and I’m really happy to meet him again,” he said in his greeting.

Throughout his career as a professional baseball coach, he had to meet with Ryu only as an enemy, not as a student. Nevertheless, Ryu is a special player to Kim. He shared the most splendid moment in his baseball career.핑크알바

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics 16 years ago, Korea won all nine games until the final, creating a legendary gold medal. At that time, Kim was the head coach, and Ryu was the ace. Ryu held the lead in Korea’s gold medal by blocking five hits and no runs in nine innings in the qualifying match against Canada, and by allowing five hits and two runs in 8.1 innings in the final against Cuba.

Following the semifinals of the first World Baseball Classic held in 2006, the gold medal from the Beijing Olympics, and the runner-up from the second WBC held in 2009, opened the golden age of Korean baseball. Its popularity soared, and baseball solidified its status as a “national sport” once again.

Both went through ups and downs until they met again at the Hanwha Eagles. Ryu left for the Major League through the posting system in 2012 and spent 11 seasons before returning to his former team this season. Kim, who served as national team coach after Doosan and NC Dinos, also returned to the pro baseball field for the first time in a long time.

Kim and Ryu have one goal: win the Korean Series. Both have experience in the Korean Series, but failed to win the championship. Ryu had experience in the Korean Series in 2006, when he made his debut. However, he ended up in the second place with one win, one draw and four losses against the Samsung Lions, which boasted the strongest capability of its time. In addition, Kim has won the Korean Series three times at Doosan and one time at NC Dinos, but both ended up in the second place.

Both Kim and Ryu have their last chance. Now in the twilight of his career, Ryu has less time to retire than he has to continue his active career. He refuses to take on more challenges in the Major League, and returned to the Hanwha Eagles because he wanted to take the top spot in the Korean Series with the Hanwha Eagles when he had some leeway.

Even Kim, who is in his mid-60s, said, “It is highly likely that the Hanwha Eagles will be the last team. After returning to Korea after exactly six years as a professional baseball coach, Kim said at a press conference on the day, “To be second place was a lot of pain to me. I will challenge myself to win the championship with my fans at the Hanwha Eagles.”

To be honest, it is somewhat difficult for the Hanwha Eagles to try to win the Korean Series this year. The Hanwha Eagles rank eighth with 24 wins, 1 draw, and 32 losses. The team is 10.5 games ahead of the top-ranked KIA Tigers. “Right now, the first thing to do is to set a winning percentage of 50.5 percent. I will focus on the post season and then think about the next thing,” Kim said for this reason. As the team is 4.5 games ahead of SSG, which is the Maginot Line of the post season, if it aims to play the post season, it can be challenged considering the number of games remaining. To achieve this primary goal, Kim’s leadership and Ryu’s dominance over the mound are absolutely necessary. Both feel heavy burden on their shoulders.

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