“Speedup and sign-stealing cannot be done without a reception signal.” Ryu Hyun-jin’s desired Pitchcom landed in KBO in July

The catcher’s signal to the pitcher disappears. If the signal disappears, it is impossible for the runner or the opposing coach to steal the sign. In addition, the time to exchange signatures between catchers and pitchers will be greatly reduced. Pitch-Com, which makes all of this possible, is expected to land in the KBO League in July.

“We plan to distribute Peachcombe to all clubs from July. It took longer than expected for the radio wave certification, but the certification will likely be completed on July 1. As soon as the certification is completed, the shipment will begin in the amount ordered in the U.S.,” a Korea Baseball Organization official said on Sunday.퀸알바

“I think it will take about three to four days for delivery, but we will allow you to use Peachcom upon receipt,” he said. “Each team will distribute one set to the first team and one set to the second team. We will distribute a total of 21 sets including the second team’s managing director.”

It’s not a complicated machine. Pitchcom consists of a square-shaped machine with buttons installed and a small speaker that fits inside the hat. Typically, a catcher attaches the machine to his knee or left forearm. Press the button to sign the pitcher who has the speaker inside the hat. Signs are delivered to pitchers in the order of pitch type and location. For example, when a four-seam fastball is pressed against the body, the pitcher recognizes the catcher’s signature through the voice “Four-seam, body-side.”

LG catcher Kim Sung-woo wears a pitch-com at the bullpen pitching at the Scottsdale Spring Camp in Arizona on February 18 (Korea time). Arizona | Reporter Yoon Se-ho bng7@sportsseoul.com

If you watch Major League Baseball, you can easily feel changes. The catcher no longer moves his finger between his legs. He exchanges autographs with the pitcher while pressing the button, and the pitcher starts pitching when the desired signature is found. As the autographs that were exchanged between hands and eyes changed to buttons and voice, the speed of exchange of autographs became much faster.

This also coincides with the pitch clock. As the pitching time for pitchers is limited, it is essential to exchange signatures quickly. In the case of ML, it approved the use of pitch-com from 2022, and introduced pitch-clock from last year. The KBO League introduced pitch-clock as a trial from this year’s exhibition game, but pitch-com was excluded. Hanwha Ryu Hyun-jin, who played in ML until last year, insisted on using pitch-com.

Ryu Hyun-jin said after his first real game of the year in the Blue and White match on March 7th, “It is difficult to keep the pitch clock without a pitchcom when there is a runner. It doesn’t matter when there is no runner, but if there is a runner, the cause of death is bound to be long. I think I need a pitchcom to throw it on time.” In addition, he said, “I already told the president about this. The president understood this, too.”

At that time, KBO said it had already ordered Pitchcom from a U.S. company and needed radio certification for its use. Although it took a long time to authenticate, starting next month, catchers and pitchers can be seen exchanging autographs without receiving calls in Korea.

Some teams have already experienced it. LG and NC, which had a camp in Arizona in February, started pitching in the bullpen while wearing Peachcombe. On Feb. 18, LG catcher Kim Sung-woo and pitcher Kang Hyo-jong pitched in the bullpen while wearing Peachcombe.

At the time, Kim Seong-woo said, “First of all, the time to exchange autographs is likely to decrease. I even pressed a button before I got the ball from a pitcher, but then it becomes faster for sure. Of course, I will know for sure after using it in a game, but the tempo of exchanging autographs will be faster than before.”

“It bothered me when I had a thin speaker in my hat. But I didn’t feel as awkward as I did in the beginning,” Kang Hyo-jong said. “I think the tempo will get faster for now. It can take some time if the autograph you want doesn’t come out, but if you get the autograph you want from the beginning, you throw it right away.”

As you get used to Pitchcom, you will be able to adapt to the pitch clock and the probability of violating it will decrease. It is expected that adaptation to Pitchcom will become essential prior to the pitch clock to be officially introduced next year.

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