“This time, until the end…” Two dropouts → MOON, who returned on the day he resigned six years later, is determined to be extraordinary

There is a head coach who resigned twice and possibly took office at the last opportunity. It is Hanwha Eagles coach Kim Kyung-moon (66). Will Kim, who is in charge of his third professional club, be able to overcome his regret.업소알바

Kim Kyung-moon has been appointed as the 14th head coach of Hanwha by signing a three-year contract worth a total of 2 billion won (approx. He held an inauguration ceremony at the Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park in Daejeon on Thursday, announcing his official departure.

Coach Kim Kyung-moon said, “I had a lot of thoughts while I was outside. I lacked more than I did well, and I felt sorry for it. Now that I am back on the field, I will do my best to put it into action step by step and make Hanwha a strong team.”

Above all, he must have a strong desire to overcome his disappointment in winning the title, as he returned to the venue after a long hiatus. Coach Kim Kyung-moon is ranking sixth with 896 wins in the history of his team’s most wins, but has yet to win the Korean Series.

After his retirement, Kim served as a battery coach for the Samsung Lions for three years starting in 1994, and made his debut as a coach in earnest. His former team Doosan started from there. Kim took the helm of the team until 2011, when he took the helm of the team in 2004. With the exception of 2006, Doosan advanced to fall baseball every year, achieving its zenith. However, the team could not continue to show good performance. When Doosan was mired in a slump, he voluntarily resigned during the June 2011 season.

Wild men’s lives did not last long. Two months later, in August, he became the founding coach of the NC Dinos. He led the team until 2018 and quickly turned the new team into a strong team. NC finished the season second in the regular season in 2016 and advanced to the Korean Series, but failed to win the title as Doosan lost four consecutive games. Eventually, he resigned from his position in June when he fell to the bottom in 2018.

Coach Kim mentioned the disappointing part first. “You know the disappointing part, right?” he said. “The fact that I won second place itself was a lot of pain for me. I want to challenge myself and win the championship with Hanwha Eagles fans here.”

As of Thursday, Hanwha ranks eighth with 24 wins, 32 losses and one draw. After five consecutive wins, the tide has turned. The team lost three consecutive games in away matches in Daegu. However, it is 4.5 games behind SSG, which ranks fifth with 29 wins, 28 losses, one draw and one draw. It is sufficient to catch up with the team in the remaining 87 games.

This is why I set a realistic goal rather than dreaming of a too high goal (winning the championship). “The team is currently under the table, and I think the first thing to do is to set a winning percentage of 50 percent,” Kim said. “I will think about the next thing when the results come up with a focus on the postseason,” adding, “I want to play baseball to win. I will mix what I have been doing with the good qualities of Hanwha.”

Coincidentally, June 3rd is the same date as the date Kim stepped down as the head coach of the NC Dinos in 2018. Six years later, the inauguration ceremony of Hanwha’s head coach was held.

“I knew it from the text message. I was surprised. This is not forced, but I think there is a big person on a high ground,” Kim said. “If a coach’s performance is bad and something happens, he should be able to take responsibility for his team. This time, I want to finish until the end and achieve my goal and leave.”

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