“You can change the paradigm” …”5 scoreless innings → First KBO debut win as a pitcher” Will Shirakawa be able to create a new wind

SSG Landers announced on the 22nd of last month that it had hired Keisho Shirakawa as a “short-term replacement foreign player” for Roenis Elias, who had been out of power for more than six weeks due to a left internal oblique muscle injury.밤알바

Shirakawa hails from the Tokushima Indigo Sox in the Japanese independent league. He became the first Japanese player to move from the Japanese independent league to the KBO league.

Shirakawa made his debut as a starter in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League showdown against the Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 1st. The result was three hits, four walks and six strikeouts in five innings. He became the winning pitcher. This is the first time for a Japanese pitcher to win a starting game in a KBO league debut.

The match was his first against Shirakawa at a professional stage. With 10,462 spectators watching him, he was very nervous in the beginning. After the match, he said, “I was very nervous in the beginning. My legs didn’t stop shaking.”

Shirakawa was on the verge of losing three consecutive innings from the first to the third innings, but he did not yield a point. Afterwards, he relaxed to some extent, and after three outs in the fourth and fifth innings, he left the mound. He finished his debut game with five scoreless innings.

SSG recruited Shirakawa through the “short-term substitute foreign player” scheme, which was introduced this season. Shirakawa will be paid 1.8 million yen (15.83 million won) by SSG. Cam Aldred, who the Kia Tigers recruited as a short-term substitute foreign player, will be paid 325,000 dollars. There is a big difference in price.

If Shirakawa shows good performance, there could be a new wind in recruiting foreign players in the KBO League. “Since it is the first time for a Japanese player to come from an independent league, I think we can change the paradigm if Shirakawa throws well. I hope he throws well,” SSG coach Lee Soo-yong said.

To watch the game, Tokushima owner Arai Kenji also visited Gocheok with club officials. Before the game, Arai said, “I hope Shirakawa will play well and give other players a good chance to advance to Korea,” adding, “The KBO League is a higher level than the Japanese independent league. I think it is an honor for our players to join this kind of league.”

Shirakawa made his first appearance on the mound. Now it is time to prove his capability. He will take the mound against the Lotte Giants in Busan on Tuesday. His second showcase will be held with Sarakawa that can change the paradigm.

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