Hong Won-ki’s determined remarks to Cheongju for the first time in five years. “Cheongju fans are important, but… I’m worried about the players’ injuries.”

Kiwoom Heroes manager Hong Won-ki expressed deep concern over the game at Cheongju Stadium, the second stadium of the Hanwha Eagles. There was a lot of concern about the players’ injuries.

Cheongju Stadium spent 1.88 billion won (1.22 million U.S. dollars) to carry out extensive renovation work early this year to attract Hanwha games. Artificial turf was newly installed, outfield fences were replaced, some chairs and players’ amenities were replaced in the stands, and nets were also replaced.

Thanks to the efforts of Cheongju City, Hanwha is pursuing Cheongju Stadium for the first time in five years this season. The plan is to play against Kiwoom on June 18-20 and the NC Dinos on August 20-22 at Cheongju Stadium.밤알바

The due diligence team, including KBO officials and Hanwha officials, has reportedly visited Cheongju Stadium several times to check whether professional baseball games can be held and have recently concluded that professional baseball games can be held.

Hanwha will soon officially host the game at Cheongju Stadium.

However, Hong expressed his grave concern after hearing this. “I heard our team will play in Cheongju,” Hong said ahead of an away game against the LG Twins in Jamsil on Thursday. “It is important for the Cheongju fans as well as for the expansion of the base of baseball, but I think that players can only repay their fans if they play well in good facilities in their best condition.” “Even if Cheongju Stadium has repaired it, it is true that we are concerned about players’ injuries,” he said. “Safety such as overall ground condition and fences should be secured.”

A Hanwha official said, “The club and KBO recently conducted due diligence together and decided to replace the ball because of the possibility of the ball falling out due to the wide gap between the outfield nets. In the case of the ground, the ground is less solid, so it will also be repaired, so there will be no obstacle for professional players to play.”

Whenever Cheongju played, there was a controversy over the injury of players due to aging facilities and ground conditions. Will Cheongju Stadium, where professional baseball games will be held again in five years, be evaluated differently.

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