Usually, he’s shy, but on the mound, he’s a “bad guy.””The future that was opaque” ML challenge The challenge of Aldred, which folded for a while

On April 29, the KIA Tigers recruited Cam Aldred as a substitute for Will Crow, who was placed on the Tommy John surgery table due to injury to the internal ligament of his right elbow. The contract is worth a total of 325,000 dollars (down payment of 25,000 dollars and annual salary of 300,000 dollars).

Aldred began his professional career with Pittsburgh’s designation as the 714th overall pick in the 24th round of the rookie draft in 2018. Aldred had only been on the big league mound once in the 2022 season, but in the minor league, he pitched in 174 games (28 starters) in six seasons, leaving him with 20 wins, 17 losses, 28 holds, 7 saves, 4.15 ERA, and recently wore KIA uniforms through the “alternative foreign player recruitment system.”업소알바

Against the backdrop of Aldred’s recruitment, KIA explained, “He is a player with various pitches such as fastball with an average speed of mid-140km/h, two-seam, slider and change-up, and good decimation. He also has excellent strikeout ability, recording a high strikeout rate of 8.4 per nine innings in Triple A.” Aldred, who entered the country through Incheon International Airport on the 31st of last month, is gradually improving his condition by adjusting to the time difference, and visited Gwangju-Kia Champions Field for the first time on the 4th to have a meeting with the team.

Currently, Kia urgently needs Aldred to join the team. This is why Lee Eui-ri, who stayed in the second division due to elbow pain at the beginning of the season, underwent reconstruction of the internal ligament (tommy zone) and bone fragment removal surgery together. Of course, KIA’s Depth can minimize the gap between Lee Eui-ri and Crow, but having a clear card and not having one is a different story. For now, Aldred is likely to face off against the Doosan Bears as early as the 9th, but he must watch for visa issuance and bullpen pitching.

Manager Lee Bum-ho said, “Aldred has yet to get a work visa. Since he joined the team today, no date has been set. I am thinking of throwing the bullpen tomorrow (May 5). As he has been in the rotation of starting pitchers in the U.S., Aldred has recently thrown up to seven to 80 pitches. If he throws just one or two pitches, I don’t think he will have any problem up to 100 pitches,” he said. “I will set the date by checking his visa and adjustment to the time difference.”

After meeting with the players and playing catch balls, Aldred told reporters, “I feel very shy when I’m not on the mound. He is a shy guy, but he changes 180 degrees on the mound and throws like a bad guy,” adding, “It’s nice to come to KIA with amazing fans and good facilities. I’m satisfied that James Nail is teaching me well as an older brother.”

What does the KBO league look like? Aldred said, “I only knew that KIA was playing first base even before coming to the KBO League, but I’m glad to join such a team. I don’t know much about the KBO league, but I’ll get to know it gradually. I played well considering today’s first training session. It was hard to adjust to the time difference, but I’m gradually overcoming it, and the weather and environment were all good. I didn’t have much information about Korea, but after experiencing it, I learned that the players and the coaching staff give me a lot of consideration.”

Aldred chose the KBO League as he can continue his challenge to the Major League since he has only one game of experience in the big league. “I think this is an experience as well. When I was in Pittsburgh, I was uncertain about my future. At that moment, KIA offered me a good contract,” he said. “I was working out with Will Crow and Kyle Hart (NC), who were on the same team as Pittsburgh. I heard about how cool and exciting the KBO League is.”

“I’m confident in throwing the sweeper, and I like it. I’m going to try a lot in the KBO league,” Aldred said when his work visa is completed. He aims to throw a sinker on the body and a sweeper on the outside as a left-handed hitter. Champions Field’s facilities are an ideal environment for me to take care of my body and build up my physical strength. It’s going to be difficult up to 100 pitches right now, but I’ll make sure to match it,” he said. “I haven’t decided when I’ll take the mound, but I’ll do my best.”

No matter how good a player is, it is not easy to play in a foreign country. This is why he needs to adapt to the country’s food, culture, etc. Of course, he needs to open the lid, but there seems to be no big obstacle to his adaptation. When asked if he enjoys spicy food, Aldred said, “Yes, I want to try Korean beef in Korea.”

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