A master who nailed the ‘main battle’ even before the start of the spring camp… Yoon Dong-hee’s hard work and hard work made him win five consecutive matches against KIA in 2,478 days

Lotte Giants’ Yoon Dong-hee started as right fielder and second batter in the away match of Game 7 of the season between the team and the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League KIA Tigers at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 5th, and flew well with three hits in five at-bats, four RBIs and one run scored.

He is now on the right track. After being selected by Lotte as the 24th overall pick in the third round of the second round of the rookie draft in 2022, Yoon played 107 games last year, with 111 hits, two homers, 41 RBIs, 45 runs scored, and a batting average of 0.287 with an OPS of 0.687. With impressive performances, Yoon won the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) and spent his best year as a member of the Asian Baseball Championship (APBC) team.퀸알바

As a result, Kim Tae-hyung, who newly took the helm of Lotte in last winter, nailed Yoon to the lead in the process of starting his spring camp. As such, he had high expectations for Yoon. He began warming up to a batting average of 0.385 with five hits, one home run, and a batting average of five exhibition games, but his batting sense suddenly began to decline right after the regular season began. Yoon only posted a batting average of 0.261 in seven games in March, before falling further to a batting average of 0.229 in April.

Still, if there is a positive factor, it was that from late April, he began to show signs of a “rebound.” As a result, Yoon Dong-hee has completely revived. In particular, as a result of hitting 12 consecutive games starting against the NC Dinos on April 27 and the showdown with the LG Twins on May 12, he raised his batting average for the season, which had fallen to 0.200 on April 17, to 0.275. Of course, there were games where he could not produce hits, but he immediately cut off the bad trend, and Yoon Dong-hee, who wielded the bat, exploded with 34 hits, one home run, nine RBIs, 23 runs, and a batting average of 0.366 in May.

After the start of the June schedule, he was away for a while due to side pain, but there was no problem with Yoon Dong-hee’s batting sense. Yoon Dong-hee helped the team win the game against KIA on the 4th, the first in June, by scoring two hits, one RBI, and one run, and was at the forefront of the team’s victory by sweeping three hits. With this victory, Lotte won five consecutive games against KIA for the first time in as many as 2,478 days since 2017, and confirmed the winning series of three consecutive games during the week.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung also lavished praise on Yoon Dong-hee after the game. “Good running back play by Yoon Dong-hee and Ko Seung-min in the third inning allowed us to continue the momentum of the game,” the head coach said. “On the batting line, Yoon Dong-hee and Junghoon Lee showed concentration in the batting line-up with three hits.”

The “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” game between the LG Twins and the Doosan Bears took place at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of April 18, 2024. Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung greets Lotte fans after successfully escaping the eight-game losing streak with a 9-2 victory./My Daily

After the game, Yoon was asked about the situation in which he penetrated the home base on Victor Reyes’ infield single when he was a runner on second base in the third inning. “First of all, the bound was big. I thought that I could make a mistake enough, or that the fielder could make it difficult for me to catch it. So I thought that I would be able to go home from the beginning. And I played with more confidence after getting the autograph from coach (Ko) Young-min.”

This year, Lotte has been very active in ‘football’. As of the end of the game on the 6th, the team was ranked fifth in the league with 54 stolen bases. Considering that he recorded 101 stolen bases last year, he has already stolen more than half of the team without turning the halfway point. In particular, it can be seen easily due to the aggressive base running that is not revealed by figures. Although the number of stolen bases is not large, the base running that Yoon Dong-hee showed in the third inning was an active running that could not be revealed numerically.

Yoon Dong-hee said, “First of all, because the older members show so much hard work at the ballpark, we have no choice but to follow along. For this reason, it seems that young players are trying to run harder with just one ball. Also, coaches Yoo Jae-shin and Ko Young-min tell us a lot about the situation and make it easier to understand it. Because of this, we can make judgments faster, and we are in a situation where we run more like now.”

“Yoon Dong-hee became weak whenever I visited Gwangju,” Yoon said. “However, his bat was hot for two consecutive days following the previous day (on April 4). I was conscious (of my weakness in Gwangju). Since last year, I have strangely been unable to see the ball well in Gwangju. That’s why I thought I should break this week, and I’m glad it went well,” he said with a smile.

Yoon’s batting average, which was on the verge of falling to the 100 percent level, rose to 0.306 at the end of the game on Tuesday. What would have changed? “There were corrections to my batting form,” he said. “To explain in an impressive way, if I used to hold out my bat right after taking back, I feel like I stayed a little bit further back and then left. As a result, my upper body is tilted less than before. And now I move my arms further back after taking back. That way, I felt like I would gain more strength on my batting. I had the idea to play aggressively at every batter’s box and hit almost all the balls that came into the strike zone, and I got a good result,” he said.

His attack strength in the “lead-off” was not bad, but he changed his batting order to No. 2 as Hwang took the role of No. 1, which helped Yoon. “(His participation in the game) seems to be of great help to me. If there is a fast runner, I have no choice but to care about both the pitching and the catcher.

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