“I’m so satisfied with my life in Korea.” 156km NEW Ace, why were you embarrassed when you went to the PC room?

Anderson started the game against the Samsung Lions at the “2024 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Tuesday, and recorded the win by allowing two runs (one earned) with four hits, one walk and one strikeout. He pitched 101 pitches and used fastballs (52 pitches), sliders (18 pitches), changeups (16 pitches), curves (9 pitches), and cutters (6 pitches). His maximum speed of fastballs was 156 kilometers per hour, and his strike rate was 67.3 percent.노래방알바

Anderson, who signed an annual salary of $570,000 (about 800 million won) with SSG as a substitute foreign pitcher for Robert Duggar, has won two games (22 innings) and an ERA of 4.09 this season. Although his performance in the past two games (seven hits, four walks, one strikeout, four runs and two wins in 12 innings) is not overwhelming, he has shown that he is expected to play as an ace.

Since Anderson used to play as a bullpen in the U.S., he couldn’t afford to start in the KBO League immediately. As a result, SSG has created a physical condition in which he can play as a starting pitcher by managing Anderson’s innings and number of pitches. Having gradually increased his innings to three innings against KIA on April 10, three innings against Kiwoom on April 17, and four innings against Hanwha on April 24, Anderson finally got his first win since his debut against LG on Tuesday by pitching six innings of three hits, three walks, seven strikeouts and two runs. Manager Lee Sung-yong has now declared that he has no limit on the number of pitches or innings. In the game, he displayed strong pitching by garnering the most strikeouts since his debut in the KBO League.

In an interview after the game, Anderson said, “Betcher Lee Ji-young played a big role as the lead. Lee understands me and I think I am a good match when it comes to choosing pitches. All pitches were good today. In particular, he pitched more effectively in the second half of the game by mixing breaking balls. It is important to mix various pitches evenly,” and credited Lee with the victory. “I have no physical problems in general. He is taking great care of me in the training part. I am in good condition as I want to contribute to my team,” he said confidently.

As soon as he made his KBO league debut, he garnered high expectations by throwing fastballs in the mid-to-late 150 kilometers, and lost against Hanwha on April 24, allowing eight hits (two homers) and one walk, nine strikeouts, and six runs. He stole nine strikeouts, but allowed big hits, and allowed a large number of runs. “I mixed more pitches today than that game. And I think today’s game was much better in terms of pitching mechanics,” Anderson said.

On the difference between hitters in the U.S. and Korea, Anderson said, “In the U.S., there are many hitters who can hit home runs when their slider goes into a real pitch. Anyone can hit a fastball in the U.S. In Korea, the swing trajectory seems to be flat. That’s why I feel like I’m getting hit when the ball goes in flat.”

In 2022 and 2023, he played for the Hiroshima Toyokaf in 34 games (115 innings) with an ERA of 3.05. Although he has experience in Asian baseball, it is by no means easy to pursue a professional career in a foreign country far from the U.S. “I heard his wife is very good, too. In Japan, I felt as if everyone was staring at me when I was outside. However, that never happened in Korea. It is nice to see everyone warm to foreigners in Korea. I think it would be better to have more comfortable transportation.”

Anderson, who said he enjoys playing games when he is not playing baseball, said, “I’ve been to a PC room in Korea. It was fun, but all the words were in Korean. So I tried to change the setting, but it didn’t work out. I ended up reminding myself of playing the game, so I had to play it with all the manipulations.” “I’m playing a game called Ghost of Tsushima recently. It’s an open-world RPG game where I become a Japanese samurai.”

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