“Interruption of running → 3 feet violation.” Angry national hitters… Not willing to leave → He left for two consecutive days, claiming to be at the center of controversy

Lee Seung-yeop, manager of the Doosan Bears, was sent off for protesting against the three-foot violation. He was sent off for the second consecutive day, which was the first time in his history. Although he was loved by everyone as a “national hitter,” Lee did not mind being at the center of controversy for his team as the head coach.밤알바

Lee Seung-yeop was at the center of controversy twice on the last four to five days, and was sent off for making violent protests against the decision. All of the teams won, but the mood was chaotic due to Lee’s departure.

The match between Doosan and NC in Changwon began on the 4th. In the ninth inning, when Lee was leading the game 1-0, Lee Yoo-chan stole second base with one out and protested against his opponent’s obstruction of running on base. Lee was forced to leave the game as he objected to the video review result. Lee protested against running on base, saying shortstop Kim Joo-won knelt in front of the base to block the game, but it was not accepted.

However, the situation ended in a controversial situation as second base judge Lee Yong-hyuk decided to obstruct the running base, but communication between the judges did not work properly. It was not subject to video review in the first place. In the end, the judges received 500,000 won in fines and warnings.

However, a controversial decision was made in the game between Doosan and NC that took place at Changwon NC Park on Saturday. The situation occurred in the top of the seventh inning when the score was 2 to 2. In the top of the seventh inning, the leadoff hitter Cho Soo-haeng hit a slow ground ball on the first base line. Cho ran with all his might and pitcher Kim Young-kyu threw to the first base, but first baseman Davidson missed the throw.

However, the umpires ruled that the ball violated defense by three feet. Manager Lee Seung-yeop requested for a video review, but the result did not change. Cho was running outward from the ship when Kim Young-gyu was catching the ball. However, he had to come inside the line to step on the first base. This scene seemed to serve as a reference point for the review.

Seeing this scene, the video reading center maintained Cho Su-haeng’s 3-foot violation. Director Lee Seung-yeop came out of the dugout. Cho Su-haeng personally stepped on the route where he ran to first base.

Lee appealed the situation to the judges for a long time by making a gesture, “How do you step on the base?” However, the decision and situation have not changed. Lee was frustrated, and the first base umpire, Lee Gye-seong, the oldest among the judges, forced Lee to leave. He refused to comply with the video review and was forced to leave for two consecutive days.

In the midst of fierce competition to rank high, one runner and one score were all regrettable. As a result, Lee’s reaction to the game could not help but be furious. Ahead of the game on Saturday, Lee looked dark as he talked about the interference between runners on base on Sunday.

In an unusual move, manager Lee Seung-yeop strongly appealed to the team’s decision. Then, he was sent off once again in the game on Saturday. Controversy erupted over obstruction of base running and a three-foot situation at first base, which caused numerous problems in the KBO league, and Doosan could not understand.

The three-footer situation has become a system in which all clubs have to engage in sharp confrontation. Everyone talks about the spirit of partnership. However, unless it is stipulated, self-purification cannot be expected. How can the KBO overcome the gap between reality and the field.

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