Lee Seung-yeop left for the second consecutive game, and this time, he is angry at the ‘three-foot decision’… the constant ‘three-foot controversy’

The first “manager’s exit for two consecutive days” in the history of the KBO league was made. Both games were appeals to the decision, which came in a running situation.

Doosan won 4-3 after 11 extra innings in an away game between the NC Dinos and the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League held at Changwon NC Park on the 5th.핑크알바

Doosan won the game 4-1 by scoring three points in the 10th inning of overtime in its previous game, and is now continuing its two-game winning streak. Its overall record for this season is 34 wins, 27 losses, and two draws, with a winning percentage of 0.557. Doosan, which continues its fierce battle for top rank, is no longer in line with its lead.

Doosan started the game 0-2 in the second and third innings, giving up one run each. However, in the fifth inning, after creating a bases-loaded opportunity with two outs, Heo Kyung-min drew a walk and followed a point. In the sixth inning, the game was tied at 2-2 with Kim Jae-hwan’s sacrifice fly on third base with no outs and a wild pitch by Yang Eui-ji.

The scene in question came in the top of the seventh inning. While NC changed its pitcher to left-hander Kim Young-gyu at a time when the score was 2-2, No. 9 hitter Cho Soo-haeng came out as the leadoff hitter. With the ball count at a disadvantage of 1-2 balls, Cho hit the bat on a low slider for the fourth time.

The ball rolled between the catcher and the first baseman, and pitcher Kim Young-kyu caught it and turned around and threw it to the first base. As first baseman Matt Davidson failed to catch the ball properly, first baseman Lee Gye-sung sent a safe signal. However, referee Lee Yong-hyuk ruled Cho Soo-haeng out.

This was due to the judgment that Cho had committed a three-foot defense obstruction. If the referee judges that the batter interfered with the fielder by running outside the lane or inside the foul line, which is 3 feet outside the foul line, after hitting the batter, he will be out. Cho initially jumped into the three-foot lane, but as he approached first base, both feet came inside the foul line.

Doosan’s bench requested a video review, but the result did not change. Then, Doosan’s coach Lee Seung-yeop, 48, left the dugout and protested to the referee. “Lee Seung-yeop seems to be wondering how he can step on the first base when he does not deviate from the three-foot line,” KBSN Sports commentator Jeon Joon-ho, 55, who explained the game.

In fact, last year, Kiwoom Heroes manager Hong Won-ki (51) said something similar. At that time, the catcher, who received a throw from the third baseman, threw the ball to first base for a double play, which hit batter Lim Ji-yeol. At this time, the opposing team Doosan applied for a video review, and Lim Ji-yeol decided to run inside the line during the running process, so it was changed to out.

“I am sprinting to the first base after the strike, and the foot (stepping on the base) can be either my left foot or my right foot,” Hong said. “However, the fact that the left foot should not go inside the three-foot line unconditionally means that the base should be stepped with the left foot. The rules are also rules, but it is very regrettable that this kind of judgment is too stereotyped.”

There was controversy over whether the three-foot rule was applied to the team again this season. In a match against SSG-KIA in Gwangju on April 10, a ball that SSG Guillermo Heredia hit in the top of the eighth inning bounced off pitcher Jeon Sang-hyun, and Jeon ran towards the front, caught the ball again, and threw it to first base, but he was declared safe. On the broadcast screen, it seemed that Heredia was running inward, but the decision has not changed. Kia sent an official letter to the KBO for confirmation.

The Major League Baseball (MLB), which has been using the same rules as the KBO league, has dabbled in a rule that allows batters to run inside the foul line ahead of this season. According to MLB.com , this was proposed to limit the ability of fielders to block bases other than home plate, and was unanimously proposed by the committee after further discussion. Then, right-handed hitters will be able to run on a straight line to first base.

In any case, the referee ordered Lee Seung-yeop to leave the game in protest against the video review. As a result, Lee had to leave the dugout for the third time since his inauguration last year, and for two consecutive days following the previous day. It is the first time in KBO history that a head coach has been sent off for two consecutive games. Kim Eung-yong, former coach who was the first in the history of coaches to leave the game (six times), also said, “Nothing like this happened.

Lee protested against obstruction of base running in the previous day’s game. In the top of the ninth inning, Doosan had Lee Yoo-chan walk with one out and stole the second base at the batter’s box. NC requested a video review and the reading center reversed the decision to out.

However, the video review could not be carried out in the first place. The second base umpire Lee Yong-hyuk made a safe decision as he obstructed running. According to the official baseball rules, the referee should raise his hands above his head to make a signal in case of obstruction of running. The second base umpire sent the signal exactly as it was. The referee should not have accepted the obstruction of running because it was not subject to video review, but somehow, referee Lee failed to keep it to the end.

After being overturned to safe, Lee appealed to the referee. “I only saw about the outs/safe, but I haven’t seen a referee make such a call,” he said ahead of the game on Thursday. “The protest was that I was blocking my leg.” As he protested the video review result, Lee left the game due to the referee’s order to leave.

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