LG’s batters, who led the lead, lack of cannons, and the league’s strongest “running machine gun.”

The power of a cannon that flies from a long distance and strikes a wide area is indescribable. However, in some cases, the fear caused by machine guns that shoot countless bullets against an attacking enemy is greater than that of a cannon.업소알바

However, if this machine gun moves quickly and shoots bullets, its power and fear to the opponent will be beyond imagination.

LG only ranked eighth among the 10 teams in homers through Tuesday. Kiwoom (47) and Lotte (46) are the only teams that have fewer homers than LG. Considering that Jamsil Stadium is used as their home ground, Doosan, which shares Jamsil Stadium, is indeed weak in power considering that it ranks first in homers (69).

LG’s on-base percentage is 0.377, a 15-percentage lead over second-ranked NC (0.362). LG’s table setters are the strongest among the 10 teams, with the first and third-ranked teams in the on-base percentage league (Hong Chang-ki, 0.471) and the third-ranked teams (Moon Sung-joo, 0.431). Hong Chang-ki with a batting average of 0.329 and Moon Sung-joo with a batting average of 0.330 are excellent not only in hitting but also in tolerating them. In terms of walks, Hong ranks first (55) in the league, and Moon ranks fourth (37) in the league. The number of strikeouts is also smaller than that of walks. They are classic table setters that have appeared for the first time in a long time.

They can serve an exciting meal, and subsequent hitters can enjoy the meal. LG has a batting average of 0.298, ranking second only to KIA (0.308). Austin Dean, Kim Hyun-soo and Park Dong-won are capable of solving the problem, although they lack cannons. On top of that, Hong Chang-ki and Moon Dong-ju, whose both scoring average exceeds 400,000, will also become the best “clutch heaters” depending on circumstances.

Of course, LG is the overwhelming No. 1 player in the league with 44 failures to steal bases and the success rate is only 69.7%, which is the second lowest after Hanwha (63.0%). What really scares LG in base running is not the ability to steal bases but the ability to go one more base. LG’s base running play, which doubles a single, doubles a triple, and boldly digs into the home ground even with a slight miss, is impressive. It is no coincidence that LG, which has few home runs, ranks fourth (101) in the double and second (14) in the triple. A typical scene is that Heo Do-hwan, born in 1984, who was on third base on Park Hae-min’s fly to center field in the top of the fifth inning against NC in Changwon on the 1st of last month, runs home and scores a point by making a bold headfirst sliding that puts his whole body into the ground.

On the surface, LG’s batters may be called machine gun batters. However, they are more like machine guns but more like machine guns. They are also fast-moving machine guns. They are reminiscent of an AH-64 Apache helicopter flying in the sky, devastating the surroundings with its M230 chain gun. This is evidenced by the scene in which the team scored six consecutive hits, from Hong Chang-ki to Park Dong-won, at the top of the seventh inning with two outs and a runner on the second base, when the team was losing 1-3, and scored six runs, and toppled Son Dong-hyun, one of the must-win teams at KT.

LG finally defeated KIA with an 8-7 victory over KT on the 7th. Contrary to expectations that it will be a somewhat difficult week due to the departure of starting resource Lim Chan-kyu, who complained of back muscle pain, the team is cruising to a 3-1 record in four games. In the match against Kiwoom on the 4th, Lim Chan-kyu’s replacement starter was defeated due to collapse, but starting pitchers such as Choi Won-tae, Son Joo-young, and Casey Kelly continued to pitch hard. And the lineup played its role by averaging 5.8 points in four games. LG’s machine gun lineup, which can score runs in a situation regardless of slugging and pitching matches, is reassuring for LG pitchers, and on the contrary, it is reigning as an object of fear for opposing pitchers.

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