“I gave you a month…” Ace’s own rest → After returning, he has shown sluggish performance with 5 home runs in 3G. Even after winning consecutive games, he sighs deeply

He left it up to the player only to take a month off. However, the ace pitcher is not back on track yet.

Doosan Bears’ Raul Alcantara is the main character. Alcantara struggled against the KIA Tigers on the 7th with eight hits (homer 1) and three walks and four runs in six innings.고소득알바

He has been sluggish for three consecutive games since returning from injury. Although he has been on a winning streak, the head coach’s worries are deepening as the bullpen is getting tired every day.

Doosan also won against KIA on the 8th and continued its five-game winning streak, but starter Kim Yu-sung was replaced in ⅓ innings and experienced another forced bullpen day.

Notably, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop’s eyes on Alcantara are particularly sore. Alcantara complained of elbow pain after the game against Kiwoom in Jamsil on April 21. Cross-checking at three Korean hospitals showed “sprained” but Alcantara disagreed.

Alcantara returned to the KBO League’s first division against KIA on May 26. There was an absence of an ace for more than a month in the first division. Most of them were because he wanted to see a doctor in the U.S. The club allowed it with burning heart, and the result was also a sprain.

After returning to Korea, he is still not in good condition. In the game against the LG Twins on June 1, he allowed five runs in three ⅓ innings due to three home runs, and in the game against the LG Twins on June 1, he allowed three runs in five innings. In addition, he allowed only four runs in six innings. He has recorded five homers in three consecutive games.

More than anything else, Alcantara’s powerful fastball pitching did not come out, and the number of strikeouts decreased. He failed to garner a single strikeout in the first game, and only garnered three or one in the next two games.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said at the meeting on Tuesday, “It is not like Alcantara.” Analysts say that the ratio of swinging and striking out both fell, and that the number of hitters has increased.

Could it be the aftereffects of the injury? “I gave myself one month to prepare everything. Now is the time for the player to take care of me. I hope he will show good performance in his next game,” he said.

Among bullpen pitchers in the league, the Doosan Bears’ Lee Byung-hun and Choi Ji-gang are tying for first in the number of games (35 games). Park Chi-guk (30 games) and Kim Taek-yeon (29 games) are also not easy. “We have two bullpen players, right? We had a lot of tough games, and as we are ranked in a good position, we can’t help but have more bullpen games. I believe that batters and starting pitchers will help us in the future,” Kim said.

This is why Alcantara desperately needs to make a speedy recovery. “July and August are the most important things. That’s when our pitchers might not be able to use their energy. We are always agonizing over it,” coach Lee Seung-yeop said.

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