Ambitious Recruitment…a bad debut

“Everyone is here,” KIA manager Lee Bum-ho said at the end of May. Starting with Na Sung-bum’s injury, Kia finally expected the complete team to be in full swing as it finished April-May, when midfielder Lim Ki-young and starting pitcher Lee Eui-ri were injured in succession. However, the sense of crisis that was rekindled after Lee Eui-ri decided to undergo elbow surgery on the 2nd is now rising as the biggest since the opening of the season.여우알바

KIA lost two consecutive games against Doosan on the 7th and 8th. With the loss on the 7th, it gave up the first place to LG, and with the loss on the 8th, the gap with Doosan, which ranked third, disappeared. KIA’s path to June was at stake in Doosan’s three consecutive games. Fired by the news of Lee Eui-ri’s season-out, KIA changed its atmosphere to a one-point victory on the 6th after losing five consecutive games against Lotte at the bottom of the table. Since then, it has met Doosan, a very threatening team even at the top. Foreign pitcher James Nail, who has the highest ERA, and new pitchers Cam Aldred and Yoon Young-chul have started in turn.

However, Kia lost two games as a foreign starter. Neal, who had been stable, had eight hits, two homers and two walks, and five runs (four earned) in 6.1 innings, the most earned run this year, failing to maintain the mood. Aldred had six hits, three walks, and six runs in three innings, before leaving the mound. He was a relief pitcher for Kia’s foreign pitcher this year.

As Kia lost its game by one point for two consecutive days, it spent all of its must-win pitching and pitching. It held the game through extended innings on Tuesday, mobilized all of its bullpen session, and lost 5-6, requiring starting pitching on Tuesday, but due to Aldred’s collapse, the team used another must-win pitching, but lost 7-8.

In particular, Aldred’s first appearance as a substitute pitcher for Will Crowe was expected to be an important variable that can gauge the rest of Kia’s season. Aldred’s first appearance, which was a card that could turn the mood around even with a good pitching, was completely wrong with Kia’s expectations and expectations.

Kia has already registered Aldred as a substitute, but acquired the pitcher with the possibility of playing the entire season in mind, and made a total contract of 325,000 U.S. dollars. As the pitcher is a team aiming to win the title and replace Crow, who was ranking first in multiple wins, the team spent time and invested in the pitcher. If Kia fails and needs to find a new pitcher, it has high expectations that it would risk having to blow its annual salary of 300,000 dollars into the air.

Aldred started off well with a variety of pitches, with fast and strong balls, but after one turn of the batting order, he began to get hit and the number of pitches increased. He has failed to keep the momentum of Doosan’s hot batters. It is too early to judge. It is necessary to watch Aldred take the mound after that, but the impact of the result is relatively significant as he took the mound for the first time at a very important time for KIA.

After winning five consecutive games up until the match against NC in Changwon on May 30, KIA met KT (1 win and two losses), Lotte (1 win and two losses), and Doosan (2 losses) to post its third consecutive “Losing Series.” Both the lowest-ranked and upper-ranked teams have collapsed, showing that their momentum is definitely slowing down.

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