Cleansman, who is polite, plays a part-time job for the first time in the squad conflict…Table Tennis Court Case → The Story of the ‘Fracchi Case’

Former national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann was at the center of controversy with his recent interview with the British tabloid “The Sun.” The Sun was the first media to report the conflict between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in in the Korean national team in the past, and controversy arose because the informant was not identified at the time. Some fans are raising the possibility that Klinsmann is the informant.스포츠토토

The “table tennis incident” that occurred during the Asian Cup in Qatar is now called the “fracture incident.” Former coach Klinsmann led the Korean national soccer team from March 2023 to February 2024, but was dismissed due to poor Asian Cup performance. Klinsmann and his coaching staff reportedly left with a penalty of nearly W10 billion.

While working as the coach of the Korean national team, Klinsmann continued various activities, including professional members and columnists of European media, and even after breaking up with Korea. Recently, he participated as a columnist for Euro 2024 on The Sun, which first reported on the “table tennis incident” that occurred during the Asian Cup. Many people doubted the source of what happened inside the national team was reported in foreign media. It is very rare for unknown details to be leaked to foreign media first, not domestic media.

Klinsmann found a job at The Sun after just four months. In response, some national team fans are raising the possibility of Klinsmann’s prach. “Without that fight, I could have beaten Jordan and played Qatar in the final,” Klinsmann said in an interview after resigning from the national team’s coach post, stressing that he was the victim. “I don’t understand why a foreign coach would be hired if what Korea wants is a foreign coach who perfectly adapts. If the Korean method is more suitable, it would be better to appoint a Korean coach,” he said, causing controversy.

Fans are angry at Klinsmann’s behavior. While criticizing those who have already left the national team for throwing cold water on the starting team, there are growing voices calling for measures to prevent such issues from being mentioned again as they could adversely affect the mood of the team.

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