Interim director Kim Do-hoon’s rediscovery, whether it’s a godsend

Ad hoc coach Kim Do-hoon, who led the team to a landslide victory against Singapore, is receiving favorable reviews. He was an interim head coach who was deployed as a “firefighter” at a time when Korean soccer was in an urgent situation, but as a result, he seems to be becoming a “God’s move” for both coach Kim Do-hoon and the national team.메이저놀이터

Coach Kim Do-hoon was a former striker who represents Korean soccer in the 1990s. He played well in Seongnam, Jeonbuk and Vissel Kobe in the K-League, and especially during his time in Seongnam, he swept all of the K-League’s three consecutive wins, top scorer, and MVP. He also played in the 1998 World Cup in France, and scored 30 goals in 72 A-match games. However, due to the fact that the A-team had many outstanding strikers, including Hwang Sun-hong, Choi Yong-soo, and Ahn Jung-hwan, the team had to remain in the third-fourth place all the time.

After retirement, he coached the Seongnam-Gangwon-U20 national team and the Incheon, Ulsan and Singapore Ryan City teams from 2015. Notably, Ulsan won the FA Cup and the Asian Champions League (ACL) once each.

However, coach Kim Do-hoon’s leadership career was full of ups and downs. He made a good start in Incheon when he first debuted as a coach, but resigned in his second year due to poor performance. In Ulsan, he helped a team that had been struggling through dark ages become a powerhouse, but failed repeatedly to win the league title that he had expected.

Coach Kim Do-hoon recorded two wins in Ulsan, but his image as the ‘second-in-command’ was stronger because of four more runner-up finishes (two times each in the League-FA Cup). Coincidentally, Ulsan’s ACL victory came after Kim was confirmed to put down the baton after the tournament. Within the K-League, he was weak in big games and failed to gain support from Ulsan fans due to his high dependence on the Best 11-Plan A.

Since then, Ulsan has finally solved its challenge of winning the league championship under Hong Myung-bo, securing its second consecutive win. However, given that Kim Do-hoon has already completed Ulsan’s capabilities, Ulsan has not a few contributions to the championship.

Kim Do-hoon took the helm of Singapore’s Ryan City FC in 2021, becoming the first coach to challenge himself to play abroad. In his first year as a coach, Kim led the team to the top of the Singapore Premier League, and finally achieved his first league title that he failed to achieve in Ulsan. However, he was suspended by the Singapore Football Association in July 2022, the second year of his career, as he was involved in a scuffle with the opposing team’s coaching staff, which triggered the suspension of his contract with the club.

Kim has been staying as a wild man for nearly two years since he took the helm of Ryan City. It was the first time that Kim, who had been active in the field every year since he started his career as a coach in 2006, had such a long hiatus. He has been nominated for the position of coach of many clubs and national teams, including his former K-League team Jeonbuk Hyundai (current coach Kim Doo-hyun) and Vietnam national team coach Kim Sang-sik, but failed to achieve such a success.

Coach Kim Do-hoon, who had been forgotten by soccer fans for a while, surprised many when it was announced that he was suddenly appointed as a temporary coach of the A team after breaking the hiatus in May 2024. The Korea Football Association, which failed to appoint the next official coach after Jurgen Klinsmann’s replacement, once again chose the temporary coach system following Hwang Sun-hong in March, and appointed Kim Do-hoon as its second temporary coach.

At that time, the reaction of soccer fans focused on criticizing the incompetence of the Korea Football Association, which failed to keep its promise to appoint a formal coach by May, and Kim Do-hoon’s appearance did not receive much attention. Some predicted that it would be difficult for Kim Do-hoon to play a role beyond the “temporary manager,” which is literally just a brief time in charge of the team before a formal coach was appointed.

However, even during his short tenure, Kim clearly displayed his unique style in selecting players and tactics. He revived the new structure and competition system by recruiting veterans such as Joo Min-jae, Cho Kyu-sung and Kim Seung-gyu as well as seven newcomers who joined the A national team for the first time, including Bae Joon-ho, Park Seung-wook, Oh Se-hoon and Ha Chang-rae, to fill the vacancy where key players such as Kim Min-jae, Cho Kyu-sung and Kim Seung-gyu are absent due to injury.

Coach Kim Do-hoon vowed that he would “show our fans our own way of playing based on a clear game plan and role assignment even though it is a short period of time,” and kept the promise. In the first away match in Singapore, Kim showed off his overwhelming performance and won the game 7-0.

Although Singapore is weak, Kim Do-hoon’s goal storm, which showed a clear “overwhelming” of the opponent in the away match, was enough to quench the fans’ long thirst.

In addition, head coach Kim Do-hoon showed an exemplary answer on how to use Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in, the biggest weapon of the A team, tactically. Coach Kim focused on creating a space where the players around him can penetrate comfortably through organic connections, placing them on the left and right wings that are familiar to Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in and giving them a high degree of freedom.

Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in exploded with multiple goals side by side, and one-top Joo Min-kyu even scored a hat-trick to help him with his first A-match debut goal. Bae Joon-ho, who played as a substitute, also scored his debut goal nine minutes after his A-match debut, and Hwang Hee-chan added a goal, and the strikers exploded evenly for each player head coach Kim Do-hoon put in. Korean soccer is now able to confirm its advance to the third qualifying round early and play the match against China in a relaxed manner.

For Kim, the two consecutive A-match series as interim coach is the best “showcase” for Kim to return to the field. If Kim successfully completes the two consecutive A-match series by leading to a win in the match against China, which will take place following the match against Singapore on June 11, Kim’s stock price will likely rise even further. Chances are high that the K-League, which is seeking a new coach, or overseas clubs, will be interested in recruiting Kim.

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