SSG has 1 more round to show off too… Signs of success for the second consecutive year, Expectations for the pillars of the Qing Dynasty

Ironically, the SSG, which has performed consistently since winning the Korean Series in 2007, has rarely received a good turn in the draft. Most of them were fifth behind. When others were excited about selecting top prospects, the SSG had to focus more on which players remained in its turn. In addition, Incheon Farm has run out of steam as time goes by.핑크알바

However, SSG is now able to confidently announce the potential of first-rounder players. It is because the team is happily checking the competitiveness of first-rounder players selected after the system has been changed to full-scale drafts. Right-hander Lee Rowoon (20, 5th overall) who was selected in the 2023 Rookie Draft and right-handed infielder Park Ji-hwan (19, 10th overall) who was selected in the 2024 Rookie Draft are gaining high expectations as leading players of the Blue House era.

Since joining the team last year, Lee has become an indispensable player in the team’s bullpen. After receiving strong impressions from the camp last year, Lee confidently joined the team’s entry into the main league and performed well by throwing 57 ⅔ innings in 50 games. However, he felt more supportive than a key bullpen session for his team. In addition, he failed to manage the ERA (5.62), showing ups and downs in innings and games. Compared to the overall performance, the result did not match.

However, this year is different. Lee, who trained diligently throughout the year, has successfully reduced the ups and downs that had been pointed out as a problem. His fastball speed has improved compared to last year. If he had ups and downs in his maximum speed limit last year, he easily crosses the 150-kilometer mark every time he takes the mound this year. As changeups that he has tried to install since last year have settled down, the game is now easy to play. He is waking up to speed control by mixing changeups of 120 kilometers with fast balls that exceed 150 kilometers.

With his changeup improving, his batting average against left-handed hitters, which stood at 0.309 last year, has dropped significantly to 0.250 this year. If his pace is on fire, he has played two or even three innings, contributing tremendously to his team’s bullpen session. Lee garnered his first save since his debut with three scoreless innings at the match against Samsung in Incheon on Tuesday, and has now proudly joined the team with one win, one save and seven hold, and an ERA of 3.00 in 30 games this year. He has not given up a single point in nine of the last 10 games. He has regained stability and confidence.

Park Ji-hwan, who is ranked No. 1 this year, is expected to take another big part in the team’s infield reconstruction. Park, who was named the No. 1 fielder in this year’s rookie draft, is acclaimed for his talent to succeed greatly in both ball, water and stocks. It is attractive that even the first-team coaching staff, who did not consider Park as his immediate strength, changed their minds immediately after watching the actual game at the camp.

Pitchers have excellent timing with balls, and have mechanisms to in-play with good contact capabilities. Their defense is continuing to grow. They can see shortstop, their position in high school, as well as second and third bases. They also display excellent physical performance. Park said he has restrained himself from running after knee surgery, and is confident in stealing bases. In addition, his bold personality is drawing keen attention. He is humble but not intimidated. He is confident in fighting back against his opponent confidently.

He was diagnosed with a microfracture after being hit by a pitch in the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on April 30, when he was in the midst of his momentum, but he returned after a month-long rehabilitation period. Park Ji-hwan, who returned to the first division in the first game of the doubleheader against Lotte at Sajik Stadium on June 9, made an impressive impression when he hit his first home run in the first division of the professional league against Park Se-woong. He is adapting smoothly to the first division by recording a batting average of 0.333 and an OPS of 0.829 in 13 games in the first division this year.

Lee prefers a bullpen session to a starter. Lee’s dream is to become a closing pitcher of his team. SSG, which has already found resources to lead its team in short Jihoon Choi (Park Sung-han) and center fielder (Jihoon Choi), hopes that Park will grow as the successor to second base or Choi Jeong-eun, who has one more spot left in the center line. With SSG’s first-rounder showing rapid success potential for two consecutive years, attention is focusing on whether the team will be able to rapidly develop its closing pitcher and main infielder for the Blue House era.

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