Alternative to Controversy Foreigners System…Need to supplement regulations that fit the purpose


An alternative foreign player system has been introduced in professional baseball this season to fill the injury gap of foreign players.

However, Kia has recently signed a long-term contract, contrary to the purpose of the temporary system, causing controversy.여우알바


KIA signed an alternative foreign player contract with Aldred last month due to Crowe’s injury.

The controversy erupted when KIA signed a contract with Aldred until November 30, not for a short period of time.

Since the replacement does not consume the limited number of foreign player replacements to two times, KIA can consider various cards by testing the replacement for a long time.

KBO is in the position that there are no problems in regulations.

The KBO regulations only specify the contract period of the replacement player before the injured player returns, but there is no upper limit.

Other clubs had mixed opinions on this.

Some clubs said it was not a big problem, but some pointed out that it was a contract that did not fit the purpose, and others even mentioned the abolition of the system.

As a substitute player can effectively serve as a complete replacement in the regular league, there are many voices among fans that the sloppy regulations have brought expediency.

In fact, professional basketball and professional volleyball limit the contract period of replacement players to eight weeks.

Unlike other sports, if it is difficult to find a player to sign a short-term contract in baseball, there is also a plan to supplement the nurturing foreign player system and use it as an alternative player.

Amid the conflicting positions of several clubs, an executive committee of KBO heads is expected to be held today to discuss alternative player regulations.

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