’22G consecutive hits’ 9th place in KBO history ‘Awesome’…Grandsons of the Wind – Side by Side with National Hitters! Lotte Trade Luck is now over 8th place

It is truly a “trade blessing.” Lotte Giants’ Son Ho-young has made an achievement that ranks ninth in the KBO League history.여우알바

Lotte Giants assigned Kim Tae-hyung, who has the unique record of leading the Korean Series (KS) for the seventh consecutive year as the first player in the KBO League history, to the helm. However, the start of this season was not smooth. Even before the exhibition game started, Kim was out of the lineup due to intraperitoneal muscle injury during defense practice, and even Han Dong-hee, who had high expectations this year after two exhibition games, suffered the same injury as Kim.

Kim Min-seok’s injury was also a big loss for Lotte, but Han Dong-hee’s departure, which raised expectations by showing a change in the practice game through tremendous efforts last winter, was definitely painful. Initially, Lotte had a concern about the main third baseman because Han Dong-hee was about to join the army on June 10, but the unexpected injury forced the move to accelerate. In response, Lotte made a one-on-one trade with the LG Twins on March 30.

Lotte has potential, but LG has recruited Son Ho-young, who failed to blossom with a career-high 40 hits, four homers, 23 RBIs and a batting average of 0.20. And the price was huge. Lotte will give up Woo Kang-hoon, a side arm that sprays fastballs over 150 kilometers. “We pushed for this trade to strengthen the depth of our infielders,” Lotte said at the time. “We expect that Son will be able to compete for the starting lineup only when he needs to, and will be able to utilize the resources such as big cost, pinch runner, and pinch hitter.”

Immediately after the trade, manager Kim Tae-hyung said, “The coaches who were at LG actively recommended (Son Ho-young). I have seen him consistently, but I decided because he is also powerful. As a right-handed batter, Son Ho-young is powerful and quick. He was always expected to play as a starting member of LG. However, he was not able to play as a starting member of the team, and I earnestly asked manager Yeom Kyung-yeop to do so. LG also said that they needed Woo Kang-hoon. It was a waste of money from his point of view, but we had no choice if we wanted to make up for what we lacked.”

The best-case scenario is that Son Ho-young fills the gap with Han Dong-hee and becomes the starting third baseman. On the other hand, he had both expectations and concerns as he failed to fully display his talents at LG. In particular, he couldn’t help but think about the risk of giving up a pitcher with extraordinary potential as Woo Kang-hoon. However, if we look at it so far, we don’t need to worry about Son Ho-young. Rather, he is performing better than expected. Indeed, he is a lucky player.

Son Ho-young, who failed to produce a hit in the first game of his transfer, had a multi-hit game, including his first hit, against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on April 2. Then, he showed his presence by exploding three hits and three RBIs the next day. However, after the showdown with Hanwha ended, his performance in seven games was just three hits and a batting average of 0.120, but Son’s bat began to blow out in mid-April. He had 11 consecutive hits from the LG Twins on April 17 to the Kiwoom Heroes on April 30.

Based on his performance, Son had 28 hits, two homers, 15 RBIs and a batting average of 0.332 OPS of 0.835 during the month of April, and continued his hit streak in May. However, an unexpected variable occurred here. Son was forced to take a hiatus due to a hamstring injury. It was a bolt out of the blue for him personally and Lotte. However, promising players from Lotte have come together to overcome the worst situation in which Son Ho-young, “captain” Jeon Joon-woo and veteran Jung Hoon failed to join the primary league, and Son Ho-young, who had a month-long hiatus, has finally returned.

As soon as he returned, Son displayed strong batting performance. Son was at the forefront of Lotte’s elimination list, scoring two hits and two runs in his first game as a pitcher. However, he couldn’t smile as if he was in the last place. Rather, he was nervous. He didn’t have such a good batting experience after returning from injury. “I was happy to have had two hits, but I was nervous. I couldn’t get a hit in order, but I got two hits. I had to get treatment for my injury for a month, and as soon as I got here, I realized that baseball is not this easy,” Son said with an awkward smile.

Contrary to Son’s anxiety, however, his bat did not stop. At the match against the KIA Tigers on the 4th and 6th, Son showed off his peak hitting sense to the point where he even hit a home run, and continued until the match against the SSG Landers on the 9th. Son also made one record in the game on the 11th. After hitting a catcher’s fly ball in his first at-bat, a third baseman’s foul fly in his second at-bat in the bottom of the fourth inning, and a shortstop grounder in his third at-bat in the bottom of the sixth inning, Son hit a double to left field off Kiwoom’s changed pitcher Joo Seung-woo in his last at-bat in the bottom of the ninth inning.

With this hit, Son Ho-young left his name in history. He had 22 consecutive hits from the LG match on April 17 to the Kiwoom match on April 11. He will be on par with nine other players, including Lee Jong-beom, Son Seung-yeop, Son Ah-seop (currently the NC Dinos), and Lee Yong-gyu (currently the Kiwoom Heroes). In terms of hits in consecutive games, it is a record that ranks tied for ninth in all time. Although he has been doing his part, this record alone was a moment to confirm that he hit a trade jackpot in the short term.

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