Have you ever seen a ranking table like this, KBO’s all-time power level…1st place, 50% – 10th place, 40% winning rate. “Super-jackpot of excitement.”

The 2024 season’s greatest success in professional baseball cannot be explained without mentioning the “all-time equalization of power.” This is the first time such a tight ranking has been made under the 10-team system.토토사이트

If you look at the KBO league’s mid-ranking until the 11th, there is simply no absolute strong or absolutely weak. The winning rate of the No. 1 LG Twins is around .500 (.585), and the winning rate of the 10th-ranked Kiwoom Heroes is around .413), and the gap between the two teams is 11 games. The difference between the lead and last place is not large.

Since 2015, when the 10-team system began, there has never been a time when the top-ranked winning rate was around 50 percent and the 10th-ranked winning rate was around 40 percent. Including the days of eight to nine teams, the season that met such conditions in a single league remains in 2004, 20 years ago. At that time, the Hyundai Unicorns, ranked first, had a winning rate of .500 (.586) and the Lotte Giants, ranked eighth, had a winning rate of .410.

Every year, the KBO League saw a team that dominated the top spot from the middle of the season. Or, it was common to form a two-way race to catch up to the second place, but this year, there is no strong “first place” in sight. The No. 1 LG, No. 2 KIA Tigers, No. 3 Doosan, No. 4 Samsung Lions, and No. 5 SSG Landers are all in close proximity by just 4.5 games. If they are divided into consecutive wins or losses, they are engaged in a race that can instantly fall or rise to the fifth place and the first place.

Every year, there is no clear weak or last-place team that is the target of victory for opposing teams. Kiwoom is currently ranked 10th, but the gap between the fifth-place SSG and the fifth-place SSG is 6.5 games away from the league. The sixth-place NC Dinos, the seventh-place Hanwha Eagles, the eighth-place Lotte, the ninth-place KT Wiz, and the 10th-place Kiwoom are also just five games away. All five teams ranking 6th to 10th may advance to the round of five, but at the same time, there is a risk that they will fall to the bottom.

All professional sports are calling for “leveling up power,” and the KBO League is in its most ideal form this season. KBO has set a cap of $1 million for new foreign players since 2019 to level up their power, and changed it to a full-scale draft as it abolished the first nomination from rookies who joined the team in 2023. From 2023, it has worked hard to level up its power by introducing a salary cap, which is the cap on the total amount of the team’s annual salary, and the results are coming out this season.

As the power gap between the upper and lower teams is not large, the first place is anxious, and the last place can have hope. This leveling off of power is also a big boost to the success of the league. All 10 teams’ fans can’t take their eyes off of each other. As a result, interest in not only the teams you support but also other teams’ games is on the rise.

A total of 4,741,112 spectators entered from 325 games in the KBO League as of Tuesday. The average number of spectators is 14,588 in 2012, exceeding the previous high of 13,451 in 2012. At the current pace, the total number of spectators can reach 10,503,387 in arithmetic.

Less than half of the regular season has passed yet, but 98 games have already been sold out, surpassing the record of last year (46 games). Although the number of spectators has been decreasing during the rainy season and hot summer months, if the ranking fight continues to unfold like now, it will no longer be a dream for the first 10 million spectators in Korean professional sports beyond 2017 (8.4 million 688).

Few teams fight with their best strength, with major and minor injuries occurring in each team. Usually around this time in mid-June, there are teams that are hitting hard or teams that are falling all the way, but this year, there are no signs of that, and it is expected that the all-time equalization of power will continue for the time being.

As many as fifth-ranked teams can seek victory, while teams ranking eighth to tenth are also in the fall baseball league. The rankings of the 2.5 games between NC, ranking sixth, and Hanwha, ranking seventh, are changing every day when they wake up with the biggest gap in rankings. On-the-spot coaches, coaches, and players are forced to stage cut-throat competitions every moment, and diehard fans who are overly immersed in the game cannot relax for a moment.

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