The competition for the lead is on fire…LG, this time, it’s a bad news for native starters

The professional baseball LG Twins’ starting pitcher worries continue.

LG canceled right-handed pitcher Choi Won-tae ahead of the Daegu Samsung Lions match on the 11th.

Choi, who was originally scheduled to start against Samsung on the day, felt discomfort in his right side. Consequently, Choi failed to take the mound as starting pitcher, and LG hurriedly changed its starting pitcher to Kim Yoo-young.핑크알바

Choi’s departure is enough to make LG, which had been on the rise, nervous. Choi won six games and lost three games with a 3.80 ERA in 12 games this year, playing the role of a Korean ace.

Moreover, LG’s other starting pitcher Lim Chan-kyu was also excluded from the first-team entry on the 3rd due to back muscle pain. Lim Chan-kyu was rested due to an injury while raising his pace with a 2.51 ERA in May, including pitching the first seven innings (two runs) of the season against SSG Landers on the 29th of last month.

LG is particularly worried about the starting mound this season.

Immediately after the opening, he suffered from the sluggish performance of foreign pitchers Casey Kelly and Detrick Ence.

Having spent his sixth season with the LG Twins, Kelly repeatedly lost a large number of points without giving pressure to the mound. Ahead of this season, the newly recruited pitcher showed great ups and downs, failing to give sense of stability as a “first starter.”

In the end, LG planned to replace a foreign pitcher, and LG’s general manager Cha Myung-seok went to the U.S. to search for a replacement.

Then, as Kelly and N.S. rebounded, they put aside their plans to replace foreign pitchers for now. Kelly has made quality starts (QS) in the last three consecutive games (more than six innings and less than three earned runs), and N.S. has won all of the recent three games.

As Kelly and Ens revived, LG’s ranking fight also gained strength. LG became the first solo No. 1 this season on the 7th, starting a full-fledged start to win two consecutive regular seasons.

In the midst of this, Choi Won-tae’s departure made him worried about the starting mound again.

LG lost to Samsung 4-6 on the day when Choi Won-tae’s replacement starter Kim Yu-young was mentioned. After Kim Yu-young stepped down for allowing two runs in the second ⅓, six more relief pitchers were deployed, but the team could not bring about a win.

Since Tuesday, the start of the week, he has consumed a lot of bullpen pitchers, and he has even been burdened with concerns about the game’s management this week.

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