Seokgwan Middle School’s first championship cup… I beat my rival who reunited after a year

Seoul’s Seokgwan Middle School has risen to the ‘throne’ of the ‘2023 Geumgangdaegi National Middle School Football Championship’, the cradle of discovering young Korean soccer players.

In particular, Seoul Seokgwan Middle 메이저사이트 School, who lost to Seoul Mokdong Middle School in the final of the Geumgangdaegi U14 Youth Cup last year, met again in the final of this tournament and succeeded in revenge, attracting attention.

The ‘2023 Geumgangdaegi National Middle School Football Tournament’, hosted by the Gangwon-do Minilbo and the Korea Football Association and sponsored by High1 Resort, concluded with the final (U15) held at the Jinbu-myeonmin Sports Park Soccer Field in Pyeongchang on the 6th. They won the championship with a 2-1 victory.

With this, Seokgwanjung won its first championship. Previously, in the final of last year’s Geumgangdaegi U14 Youth Cup, Mokdong Middle School defeated Seokgwan Middle School 2-0.

The two teams met again in the senior year after a year, and the winner changed after a fierce match.

It has been four years since Mokdong Middle School won the championship in 2019, and this year’s U14 Youth Cup, along with three consecutive victories, aimed at winning two categories, but unfortunately failed.

Prior to this, in the final of the 2023 Geumgangdaegi Middle School U14 Youth Cup held on the 5th, Seoul Mokdong Middle School defeated Gyeonggi Yongin City Soccer Center U14 2-0 and achieved 3 consecutive victories in the tournament.

In the 27th minute of the first half, after Mokdong Joong Jo Soo-hwan endured two defenders in the box, the shot went up.

Afterwards, the ball was caught again and shot, which hit the defender’s foot and flowed to the right, and Park I-seong scored the first goal with his left foot.

Mokdong Middle School perfectly led the atmosphere in the second half. Mokdongjung’s Kim Min-joon also scored a wonder goal in this tournament.

In the 18th minute of the second half, in the free kick situation, Kim Min-jun, the kicker, scored a right-footed mid-range free kick goal that evoked cheers from the crowd from a distance of about 33m, putting a wedge in the game.